List of the Best Cleaning Services in Abuja

Cleaning Services In Abuja

Amid Abuja’s dynamic metropolitan environment, a careful mosaic of cleaning services appears, each a monument to quality and dedication in maintaining immaculate environments in the nation’s capital. Abuja’s top cleaning services are like guardians of hygiene, providing unmatched attention to cleanliness and sanitation in everything from opulent residential havens to busy commercial centers.

Embodying a blend of expertise, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of spotless environs, these renowned services are an essential component of Abuja’s urban fabric. These cleaning firms set the gold standard for cleanliness and orderliness in the city, offering a wide range of services to meet different demands. They epitomize consistency and efficiency.

Let’s explore the best cleaning services in Abuja, where attention to detail and skill combine to produce a clean, comfortable, and incredibly alluring environment within a busy city.



  • Address: Oladipo Diya St, Durumi, Abuja 900103, Federal Capital Territory.

Dust and Wipes Limited is one of the best cleaning services in Abuja. It is one of Nigeria’s top providers of facilities management and expert cleaning services.

They are unique commercial cleaners, aiming to offer top-notch janitorial services with professionalism at incredibly low costs. Office and home cleaning, housekeeping, guesthouse management, post-construction cleaning, floor maintenance and restoration, carpet and upholstery cleaning, fumigation, pest control services, training, and consultations are just a few of the many services they offer.


  • Address: Suite 154, Befs Plaza, Utako, Abuja.

Kelmau Cleaning Services is one of the best cleaning services in Abuja. They provide a broad range of cleaning, disinfection, and fumigation services, as well as janitorial, post-construction, carpet, and upholstery cleaning, along with other specialty cleaning services.

Being a customer-focused company, they ensure they provide their customers with the greatest and most competitive services possible. Despite emphasizing high-quality professional services, their pricing remains quite reasonable.

The company is driven and meticulous, constantly seeking out new and creative methods to become a top provider of cleaning and fumigation/disinfecting services.


  • Address: Suite 233, Deo-Gratias Plaza, opposite Utako Ultra Modern Market, Utako, Abuja.

Fox Corporate Cleaning Services is among the best and most reputable cleaning services in Abuja, serving clients in Abuja, its surrounding areas, and throughout Nigeria. It prides itself on offering clients gratifying, in-depth cleaning services.

Founded in July 2008, officially registered as a legal entity with registration number BN 2453684 with the Corporate Affairs Commission in October 2016.

Its functions include Abuja office and residential cleaning, Pest, Rodent, and Reptile Control Fumigation Services in Abuja, Provision and Delivery of Cleaning Supplies and Equipment, and Household Care and General Cleaning. After hiring them to clean your facilities, you can relax.

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Fox Corporate Cleaning Services| Cleaning Services in Abuja


  • Address: 19 Durban Street, Wuse 2 Abuja.

Focal Point Cleaners is also among the best cleaning services in Abuja. Since 2010, Focal Point Cleaners has been providing fully automated dry cleaning, laundry, and industrial cleaning services in Abuja and Kaduna.

They always guarantee the delivery of customized services because they have the staff and tools necessary.

The company also has a culture of accepting accountability even in the face of mishaps, which helps to safeguard its clients at all times.


  • Address: Banex Amac, Wuse, Abuja.

Pretty Cleaning Services Limited is among the fastest-growing cleaning services in Abuja, known for its quality and reliability. Expanding within the Facility Services Sector, RC 1376515 certifies them as a provider of facility maintenance and commercial cleaning services for registered operators.

Pretty Cleaning has vast experience in cleaning technologies for both public and private sectors, including schools, office buildings, other commercial spaces, hotels, shopping centers, real estate, government parastatal offices, medical facilities, banks, oil and gas companies, and other multinational corporations.


  • Address: Amsalco Plaza Area 11 Abuja.

You can be sure that your home will always be tidy and hygienic since we clear hard-to-reach areas. You will undoubtedly feel better living in a clean atmosphere, which can elevate your spirits every day. Each customer receives customized office cleaning services from this company, which include specialized cleaning for IT and computer equipment to reduce the chance of overheating.

Additionally, they have access to cleaning companies that can offer a washroom cleaning plan together with routine janitorial supply and hygiene and paper product replenishment.

After a building project, ActionStyles Professional Cleaning Service assists with cleaning up and removing any leftover dirt, dust, mud, adhesive, and other materials.


  • Address: Suite 101 Taska Choice Plaza, Forte Fueling Station, Nyanya Abuja

Evident Professional Cleaning Limited is one of the best cleaning services in Abuja, meeting your cleaning demands using state-of-the-art machinery.

They offer services to the following areas: post-construction after-parties, homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, and religious places. Plumbing, fumigation, pest control, and distinctive home numbering are additional services offered by Evident Professional Cleaning Services.

The employees are highly skilled in detailed cleaning, knowledge of child and adult abuse, and safeguarding training. In light of security risks, all employees undergo thorough checks, their personal information is documented, and they are monitored by security to guarantee clients’ safety.

Evident Professional Cleaning Services Limited is well-equipped with staff work charts and monitoring tools.


  • Address: B54, Close 5, His Grace Pavilion Estate, Abuja.

Mohive Cleaning Services has established a reputation as one of the best cleaning services in Abuja, providing top-notch services. They have been known for remarkable productivity and utmost professionalism since their inception.

The company promises not only to meet but exceed your expectations and guarantee your complete pleasure, regardless of the service you’re looking for. With the expertise and knowledge clients have come to anticipate, their team is prepared for any task.

They maintain open lines of contact with clients throughout every project because they aim for client satisfaction.


  • Address: Block 2/50, Flat 2, Area B, Nyanya General Hospital Road, Abuja.

Zollys Cleaning Service is one of the well-known cleaning services in Abuja. With years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, premium cleaning agents, and skilled workers.

Zollys Cleaning Service is a professional maintenance cleaning expert in the field of industrial and environmental cleaning.

They can transform your office/banking halls, businesses/government offices and office complexes, estate/property surroundings, small businesses, hotel chains, event pre- and post-cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning service, and hygiene surroundings.

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Zollys Cleaning Services| Cleaning Services in Abuja


  • Address: 22 I.T. Igbani, Jabi, Abuja

Luxe Cleaning Services Limited is also among the best cleaning services in Abuja. They send domestic helpers and corporate cleaners to Nigerian homes and workplaces. In Nigeria, they offer home help and cleaning services.

They have the personnel, equipment, and technological know-how necessary to handle cleaning tasks. The pride of the company is its workers.

They uphold the company’s values and are professionally trained to handle their responsibilities. Luxe Cleaning Services Ltd. makes life simple for you.

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Luxe Cleaning Services| Cleaning Services in Abuja


What has made Abuja the most famous?

Abuja stands out as not only one of the richest capital cities in Africa but also one constructed with that specific aim. Being the political and administrative center of Nigeria, Abuja holds significant geopolitical sway over regional affairs, making it an important capital on the African continent.

Which area of Abuja is the most expensive?

Asokoro. Asokoro is known as the priciest neighborhood in Abuja and is home to the famous Aso Rock mansion, known as the “shelter for leading the federal government.” Numerous other well-known authorities also reside in Asokoro.

What is the required startup capital for a dry cleaning business in Nigeria?

Starting a washing business in Nigeria requires between N50,000 to N100,000. Even for extremely micro-small setups, collecting change could suffice. For larger ventures, setting aside up to N1,000,000 in your budget might be necessary.

Is housecleaning a profitable side business?

Yes, a side business in cleaning can be profitable, especially if you’re seeking extra cash and don’t mind physical work. It can bring in a respectable income without consuming all your time.

How should a cleaning service quotation be written?

A cleaning service quotation should contain specifics of the services offered, the price for each service, and an approximate time frame for task completion. It should also include a list of prices, extra services, and any other associated costs.

What are the shortcomings of the cleaning service?

Client Keys Lost or Damaged: Staff could misplace or break client keys. Damage or Injuries Associated with Pollution: Many cleaning companies use harsh chemicals that, if not handled properly, can harm employees, customers’ property, or third parties.


Within the ever-changing landscape of Abuja, these best cleaning services stand out as shining examples of diligence and dependability.

Their focus on creating clean surroundings in both residential and commercial places reflects their commitment to excellence, enhancing the comfort and allure of the city.

As this thorough guide to the best cleaning services in Abuja comes to a close, it honors not only the companies themselves but also the group effort to uphold the standards of excellence and cleanliness they represent.

These services do more than just clean; they create hygienic and orderly havens where every nook and cranny exudes professionalism and freshness.

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