Trustworthy Ride Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Ride Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Booking a cab today takes only a few seconds and less time than in the days before technology. In the early 2000s, it was reasonably difficult to hail a cab in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria; today, things are very different.

With the touch of a button, these ride-hailing apps in Nigeria offer a simple and dependable method to request a service from private vehicles and take advantage of cheap transport to the desired location.

They are simple-to-use apps that allow you to travel and hail a vehicle whenever and wherever available. These top taxi-booking apps provide clients with affordable trips, various payment methods, GPS monitoring, and many other features for a more comfortable ride.

It is a simple taxi booking software that provides fast availability, convenience, and safety—things that ordinary taxis may not consistently deliver. Additionally, it will assist you in ensuring better journeys in the future.

What Is Ride-hailing/ Ride Hailing Service?

Ride-hailing is the practice of a client placing an online ride request, often using a smartphone application. Through a smartphone app, a customer may choose their location, view the route and the projected cost, and then request a trip using a ride-hailing service that connects them to cab or taxi drivers. The app matches them with an available driver and a cab to pick them up and take them to their location.

With the help of ride-hailing apps in Nigeria, customers can get door-to-door transportation with the comfort of a driver and car at a reasonable price. Most ride-hailing firms in Nigeria begin their operations in Lagos or Abuja first. Some have spread to other cities, including Abeokuta, Ibadan, Osogbo, Benin City, Port Harcourt, and Calabar.

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Top Ride Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Nigeria’s taxi industry is expanding due to the launch of several new ride-hailing apps that make it simple to travel nationwide without breaking the bank. As a result, commuting in Nigeria has become much easier.

Here are some of the most popular ride-hailing apps in Nigeria:

1. Bolt;

Ride Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Since 2017, while it was still known as Taxify, Bolt has been present in Nigeria. Their cab services are among the most affordable and dependable in the nation. You can book a ride using the Bolt app, and your driver will pick you up shortly after. Bolt rides are reasonably priced.

If you’re in one of the more than 12 states where Bolt is accessible in Nigeria, getting a ride anywhere you need to go is simple. Bolt is one of the cab applications available in Lagos and other Nigerian regions, and both iOS and Android smartphones support the Bolt app for download.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

2. Uber;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

In Nigeria, Uber is the most widely used cab app. Although Uber is available in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, and Benin City, it doesn’t currently serve all states. They offer skilled drivers and excellent services, and although it is simple to hail an Uber cab, the rates aren’t as cheap as you may think.

The Uber app is user-friendly and features a straightforward UI that makes things appear simple. If you request a ride, your driver will pick you up and transport you to your destination. It is among the top ride-hailing applications in Lagos and other states of Nigeria.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

3. inDriver;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

inDriver is a ride-hailing service that competes with Uber and Bolt. It’s a different form of taxi service, and its objective is to create a new mode of transportation where clients and drivers may agree on the price of a journey. On the inDriver app, a passenger may select the driver they wish to transport them to their location.

If a driver accepts your offer, you will be escorted to your desired destination after deciding how much you wish to pay for the travel. The app for inDriver provides a wide range of capabilities and is a less expensive means of transportation.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

4. Rida;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Thanks to the mobile app Rida, which connects you with nearby taxi drivers, you can catch a ride whenever and anywhere you want. Additionally, it goes far further by enabling users to follow every taxi on their trip and find empty cabs in real time.

You may bargain with the driver before you set your route. The Rida app was developed by former Uber workers from Russia and Armenia and allows users to schedule journeys between different states of Nigeria.

Why use a different online service or attempt flagging down a cab or taxi on the street if you’re a passenger? Rida makes reserving a ride and even sharing one simple and quick.

If you’re a driver, don’t sit for an extended period waiting for someone to order or hail you. Place an online order using the app to determine who your Rida will be.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

5. Oga Taxi;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

The Oga Taxi app offers distinctive customer-focused features to guarantee a pleasurable ride.
The app provides the (solo) Classic and Pooled trip modes.

With the classic option, passengers may select the drivers they wish to travel with; however, with the matching tool, you can view the profiles of drivers traveling in your direction.

This is a fantastic method to commute, as per our recommendations, as both of the parties concerned save time and money. Oga Taxi has its headquarters in Abuja and runs services in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

6. Anayer;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Given that it was developed to facilitate consumers’ mobility, Anayer is a significant participant in the Nigerian ride-hailing ecosystem. It provides 24/7 accessible Taxi Booking Services as the ideal approach to handle your regular travel requirements.

They have cabs to fit every budget, ranging from sedans to SUVs to luxury cars for special events, with well-designed and fantastic features to enjoy either a one-way or round-trip plan in advance or book for your next trip without any fuss.

Although Anayer has just recently joined the market, their track record in traffic updates around Lagos suggests they could be a trustworthy alternative.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

7. Quick Ride;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Quick Ride is a more recent ride-hailing service that was recently introduced in Nigeria. Users of the app can book a ride, pay for it, and get real-time car position updates. It also offers selections for several journeys, like Quick Ride Luxe and Quick Ride Economy.

The least expensive choice is Quick Ride Economy, while the most costly is Quick Ride Luxe.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

8. RideMe Taxi;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

RideMe Taxi is a ridesharing firm established in Nigeria in 2018. The software, which is available for both Android and iOS, allows users to schedule, monitor, and pay for their taxi rides.

Additionally, this app offers a “Female-for-Female” service option. This implies that women verified as riders can select women as their drivers. Additionally, there is an Alarm option for use in an emergency.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

9. Jekalo.Com;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

On the website, you can locate a rideshare partner traveling the same path as you. JEKALO is an easy and cost-effective method to go home, travel, go out to your next meeting, or for after-work drinks, whether you own a car or are just a passenger.

By providing a ride, ride owners on Jekalo may receive incredible rewards like car maintenance, third-party motor insurance, fuel vouchers, eTag/toll, airtime, data, and the option to withdraw cash for less.

Unfortunately, Lagos is the only city offering the Jekalo app service. So, whether you’re already in Lagos or want to be there soon, taking advantage of the comfort the Jekalo app provides as you tour the city would be wise.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store

10. HOPIN;

Ride-Hailing Apps In Nigeria

Hopin provides a quick, secure, and dependable way to hire private automobiles for transportation. Moving around is made considerably simpler. Using the HOPIN app, you may order a cab without calling for a dispatcher, pay for parking, hire a courier, follow public transportation in real-time, purchase bus tickets, or view helpful schedules.

They only presently operate in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt and provide reasonable pricing.

App Download: Google Play Store & Apple Store


In Nigeria, ride-hailing applications have completely changed how people get about by offering quick and affordable transportation choices. Nigeria’s leading ride-hailing applications include Uber, Bolt, inDriver, Quick Ride, Anayer, and Oga Taxi. These applications provide options for several sorts of rides, including economy, executive, and luxury, and enable users to schedule a ride, pay for it, and follow the car’s whereabouts in real-time.


Is Bolt less expensive in Nigeria than Uber?

UberX is not without flaws, particularly during peak hours when users cannot book a ride using the app rapidly. On the other side, Bolt is renowned for its exorbitant costs, and it is unquestionably the most costly in Lagos. Even though the minimum fee is N600, booking a Bolt journey for that price might be challenging.

Which ride-hailing service in Nigeria is most affordable?

In Nigeria, Quick Ride offers both Quick Ride Luxe and Quick Ride Economy, with Quick Ride Economy being the least expensive choice and Easy Taxi Luxe being the most luxurious.

What is Nigeria’s newest ride-hailing app?

Anayer Technologies introduced a new taxi app named Anayer, intending to upend the Nigerian ride-hailing industry.

What app is best for long rides?

Rida is an app for long-distance travel when carpooling is more cost-effective than short excursions.

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