Best Dollar To Naira Converter App

Best Currency Converter App
best currency converter app

Calculating the actual currency conversion rate can be challenging whether you frequently travel abroad, send and receive international payments, or enjoy buying imported goods.

Do you need a dollar to naira converter app? Be at ease, though. Technology has once more saved the day. Here is a list of the available best dollar-to-naira converter apps.

Read on.

Best Dollar To Naira converter app


Best Dollar To Naira Converter App
Aboki Forex| Best Dollar To Naira Converter App

The best dollar to naira converter app for currency conversion rates in Nigeria is called Aboki Forex. It offers Black Market Rates for the dollar to naira, the euro to naira, the pound to naira, the Canadian dollar to naira, the rand to naira, the dirham to naira, the yuan to naira, the cedi to naira, and other currencies. CBN rates, ATM rates, a world currency converter, and cryptocurrency exchange rates. With price change notifications, Aboki Forex Rates are updated every day.

Aboki Forex provides hourly updated exchange rates for all 168 global currencies. Whether you are changing your money from Dollars to Naira, Naira to Dollar, Pounds to Naira, Naira to Pound, Euros to Naira, Rand to Naira, or Naira to Canadian Dollars, or

The Aboki Forex Currency Calculator can convert currencies such as Rand to Naira, Naira to Naira, Dirham to Naira, Yuan to Naira, Cedi to Naira, Naira to Cedi, and CFA to Naira. Using the most recent Black Market exchange rates, it smoothly converts currencies as you type.

Aboki Forex Currency Converter, a website that compiles black market exchange rates in Nigeria, has claimed that it will stop publishing rates after receiving threats from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The following are the standout characteristics of the Aboki Forex Currency Converter and Black Market exchange rates app:

  • Fast and dependable
  • Working offline

2. US DOLLAR to Nigerian Naira

The most excellent dollar to naira converter app is US Dollar to Nigerian Naira, which converts amounts between the two currencies in real-time using the most current rates available on both the local and global markets.

A straightforward currency converter may convert between US dollars and Nigerian nairas.

The following functionalities are present in this application:

  • Converting currencies
  • Online exchange rate
  • Enables manual rate adjustment to your preferred rate

Download the US Dollar to Nigerian Naira Currency Converter app if you want a currency converter to convert between Naira and US dollars or US dollars and Nigerian naira. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. With its built-in calculator, which allows you to plus, minus, multiply, and divide your Naira or US Dollar amount when converting them, the dollar to naira converter app is simple to use.


Over 160 nations’ exchange rates are available on All Currency Converter. With this program, you may examine the value of precious metals such as gold and silver in addition to fiat money.

The program offers a multi-currency converter, a tip calculator, and access to current trends and charts. You can use third-party mobile apps to pay the bill after calculating the tip.

4. Easy Currency Converter

Best Dollar To Naira Converter App
Easy Currency Converter| Best Currency Converter App

Easy Currency Converter is one of the best dollar to naira converter apps. You can find the conversion rates for more than 200 nations using Easy Currency Converter. Using third-party apps, you can compute and communicate the results with others. Your exchange rates can be updated in the settings up to five decimals, and you can choose how many decimal places you want them to be in.

Additionally, you may modify the app’s language and theme and choose how frequently you want updates. You could enable it to notify you of exchange rates every five to thirty minutes or once daily.


Over 130 nations’ conversion rates are available in this currency converter app. It is considered the best dollar to naira converter app because it lets you send and receive money from abroad fast and displays the mid-market live rate. Enter the sum and press the submit button. You can add any number of recipients using the app for international money transfers.

You may continue where you left off because the program saves and keeps your info. Currency charts can be used to view the performance of any currency over the previous ten years.

Additionally, if you’re busy and find it challenging to check currency rates manually, create alerts for the nations you’re interested in.


Dollar to naira converter is another best dollar to naira converter apps. You can compute and convert live exchange rates between the American Dollar and the Nigerian Naira.

Additionally, the conversion rate for

  • The Great Britain Pound to US Dollar exchange rate
  • The USD to EUR exchange rate
  • The US dollar to the Indian rupee
  • Dollar to Chinese Yuan exchange rate
  • US Dollar to JPY (US Dollar to Japanese Yen)
  • The New Zealand dollar to the US dollar

This small application operates online and provides quicker results;

  • Excellent Qualities
  • Automatically retrieves the most recent exchange rates.
  • Displays a 30-day graph
  • Shows historical exchange rates.
  • Live currency converter and calculator.
  • Minimal network use.
  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • Slim design and fast


Best Dollar To Naira Converter App
NGN Rates Dollar To Naira| Best Dollar To Naira Converter App

NgnRates App offers Naira to Dollar, Euro, Pound, Bitcoin, etc. conversion rates and currency converter. The app allows you to monitor and analyze Nigerian Naira (NGN) currency exchange rates from all popular sources and markets.

The Lagos Parallel Market, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the following Nigerian banks: GTBank, UBA, Zenith Bank, Sterling Bank, Wema Bank, Access Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, Ecobank, FCMB, etc., Bureau De Change (BDC), and the Foreign Exchange Market (FX Market) are all reliable sources for the most current Naira exchange rates.

On a single screen, you can monitor and compare prevailing exchange rates such as Dollar to Naira, Euro to Naira, Pound to Naira, Cedi to Naira, Rand to Naira, and Yuan to Naira from all sources.

You can get current cryptocurrency exchange rates for Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC), etc.


Currency Converter is another best dollar to naira converter apps. Live exchange rates, dynamic charts, and an offline currency converter are all available.

You’ve found the perfect currency converter app and exchange rate tool to use both at home and while traveling abroad, whether you want to check all your favorite currencies at a glance quickly, promptly calculate prices in a foreign country, visually display changes in historical exchange rates, or browse the banknotes for far-off lands.

It blends an intuitive, contemporary design with a precise, commercial data feed that is updated every 60 seconds and used by millions of people worldwide. However, it’s alright if you aren’t connected to the internet—it functions without it too!

Find whatever you need to convert in the comprehensive, searchable database that includes nearly all of the world’s currencies and several well-known ones.

9. Nigerian Naira / US Dollar

It is a simple and fundamental currency converter. It’s pretty simple to use the currency converter. It is the traditional converter.

The US Dollar can be converted into Nigerian Naira and vice versa. NGN / USD. Pair of values USDNGN.

It enables you to carry out elementary, straightforward, simple calculations and operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

It is free to use the currency converter. It takes advantage of Open Exchange Rates’ exchange rates. Every hour, the exchange rate is updated.


Best Dollar To Naira Converter App
Currency Converter Plus| Best Currency Converter App

Money converter with AccuRateTM’s real-time currency rates and graphs. Currency Converter Plus, free from the creators of Fraction Calculator Plus, is the most straightforward, most user-friendly source for world exchange rates with AccuRateTM. When traveling internationally, check prices everywhere to be sure you’re getting the most incredible bargain at the current exchange rate.

This tool has numerous currency options, historical rate charts, and an integrated calculator. All conversions use AccuRateTM’s real-time currency rates, which offer the most accurate prices. Additionally, even without access to exchange rate data, it continues to function offline for travel. The app even supports Bitcoin.

Features include an easy calculator with results in local currencies and instant currency conversion by specifying your custom fields.

  • Historical rate graphs and charts (from one week to one year)
  • Simple calculator with local currency results

Convert numerous currencies simultaneously. Historical rate charts and graphs (1 week to 1 year). All major world currencies, Bitcoin, and precious metals. Support for offline or aircraft modes for exchange rates AccuRateTM offers real-time graphs and rates.


How much is one dollar now in naira?

USD equals 464 NGN. Compare the exchange rates here to all other currencies. The currency rates are often updated, and the currency converter below is simple. Given the recent high volatility in the world’s currencies, this is desperately needed. Money transfers abroad are as simple as ever.

What is the price of a Steam card?

The Nigerian naira exchange for Steam gift cards ranges from 655 to 675 per dollar. The price you receive for your Steam gift card is based on several variables. The market’s supply and demand for the card, its kind (physical or E-code), and its denomination

Where can I get the most excellent exchange rates?

Banks and credit unions offer the best exchange rates and lowest fees when converting currencies. Some locations and financial institutions can assist travelers with currency exchange.

Where can Bitcoin be mined?

The crypto mining pools Slush Pool, Antpool, and are a few instances of this. They can begin mining Bitcoin after joining a mining pool. The power of one’s mining rig, the price of electricity, and competition from other miners are just a few variables that will affect how much Bitcoin one can extract.


You should always know an item’s value in your home currency, whether making or receiving international payments or purchasing something abroad.

Choose a suitable app from the list above to simplify the procedure.

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