Top Best Hospitals in Nigeria

Best Hospital In Nigeria
Best Hospital in Nigeria

The healthcare system in Nigeria is one of the most highly regulated and significant investments. Both the public and private sectors need to pay attention to this. As long as the standards are satisfied, hospitals may be owned and operated by the public or private sector. Ample resources and funding are required for hospitals to manage.

Since the health sector directly affects the sustenance of human lives, it must receive the most attention. The health sector is the nation’s last best hope. Hospitals are ranked based on their capacity, which takes into account factors like the availability of health facilities and technologies, policies and management systems, the availability, quality, and efficiency of human resources (health practitioners and other aids), the adequacy and development of the infrastructure, public reports, and other pertinent factors.

Each hospital is as aware of its perceived value and capabilities as the broader population. But as with any subject, Nigerian hospitals have distinguished themselves in the medical industry after careful evaluation and assessment.

People have very high regard for them due to the excellence of their services, the sufficiency of their resources (both physical and human), and their management strategy.

In this article, we will be exploring the Top Best Hospitals in Nigeria. Stay glued!

Top Best Hospitals in Nigeria

1. University College Hospital (UCH)

The University College Hospital (UCH) is a federal teaching hospital connected to the University of Ibadan, the top university in Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerian medical professionals have been trained by this renowned medical institution, which also offers high-quality healthcare to the populace.

On November 20, 1957, the 500-seat UCH was put into service. Yet it has 1229 beds total, including 163 diagnostic beds. The hospital is on the list of the top best hospitals in Nigeria. To receive superior healthcare services, many hospitals and medical professionals refer patients whose conditions cannot be treated to UCH.

Professor Jesse Abiodun Otegbayo, who received his degree from the esteemed University of Ibadan, is the director of the UCH Health Centre. The hospital is located in Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo, on Queen Elizabeth II Road.

Top Best Hospitals In Nigeria
University College Hospital| Best Hospital in Nigeria

2. Federal Medical Center (FMC)

There are 22 Federal Hospitals in Nigeria. However, the best one is Federal Medical Centre located in Abeokuta. The hospital opened on the twenty-first day of the fourth month in 1993, intending to offer top-notch medical care to the residents of Ogun State and other nearby states.

FMC Abeokuta is one of the best hospitals in Nigeria that takes pride in its superior research, training, and healthcare service delivery. It contains 750 beds and more than 50 medical professionals in various specialties.

Its personnel and facilities can manage diagnostic procedures (ECG, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, X-ray), carry out laboratory analyses (hematology, medical microbiology), perform quality surgery (plastic, ocular, maxillofacial, urological), prescribe and supervise patient care, among many other medical services. It is Nigeria’s top Federal Medical Centre due to its capability and proficiency in treating various medical conditions.

3. Neuropsychiatric Hospital ARO

Neuropsychiatric Hospital is a 537-bed psychiatric facility owned by the federal government. It is Nigeria’s first mental health facility and one of the best hospitals in Nigeria.

It has always given patients with short-term and long-term mental health issues the most outstanding care. It also functions as a teaching and research facility for aspiring Nigerian mental health specialists.

The hospital has specialized departments for treating patients with issues, including the Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, the Amenity Room/Corporate Clinic complex, and the Department of Psychogeriatric Services (which deals with the mental health of older adults).

4. Olabisi Onabanjo Teaching Hospital (OOUTH)

Unquestionably, one of the top teaching hospitals in Nigeria is Olabisi Onabanjo Teaching Hospital. The institution was established in 1986 to educate medical students from Olabisi Onabanjo University and provide public healthcare.

Its multi-specialty facility handles various medical issues, including femoral hernias, chronic liver disease, and other issues in cardiology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, and nephrology.

Top Best Hospitals In Nigeria
Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital| Best Hospitals in Nigeria

5. Evercare Hospital

The hospital is situated in Lagos’ Lekki Peninsula Scheme 1 neighborhood. It contains 165 beds that are privately funded and owned. Both medical and surgical procedures are provided and the hospital is considered one of the best hospitals in Nigeria.

Evercare Hospital’s facilities significantly contribute to society by offering individuals access to high-quality healthcare services and job opportunities while upholding professional standards.

They have a dialysis lab, ICU, and laboratory that are all well-equipped, as well as other base and cutting-edge technology for the many hospital departments.

6. Primus International Super Specialty Hospital

Primus Hospital is a well-known hospital with branches throughout Nigeria, India, and the Benin Republic. The Indian unit founded the Nigerian chapter, headquartered in Karu, Abuja.

One of the most significant pharmacies in Nigeria, the one inside the hospital, is well-equipped and strictly governed. The pharmacy has the necessary technology to conduct drug tests to evaluate its quality. The medical centers and the pharmacy both operate on a 24-hour schedule.

Primus Hospital is a surgical hospital with cutting-edge medical equipment, suitable and sufficient infrastructure, and a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

The hospital has top-notch surgeons on staff that provide high-quality medical care which is why it is considered one of the best hospitals in Nigeria. “Health to all” is the hospital’s motto. They drive conventional, technologically advanced, and well-equipped ambulances that can handle complicated emergencies. Staff members in the ambulances have received specialized training.

Additionally, Primus Hospital runs outpost clinics all around the world. The management arranges for referral of the most severe cases to their Indian branch, simplifying travel and obtaining a visa for medical purposes. Primus Hospital has a stringent security system. The hospital benefits from having a lot of parking space. Additionally, they provide free WiFi, currency exchange, and interpreter services. They have a dedicated facility for sterilizing medical equipment.

7. Eko Hospital

Eko Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Nigeria. This hospital, which has 130 beds and is located in Ikeja, Lagos State, is another that is privately owned and supported. In 1982, the hospital was founded. Before that, it was the Mercy Specialist Clinic, which was founded in 2970. Eko Hospital has two annex locations, one in Ikoyi and the other in Surulere, with 40 beds.

Three doctors created the hospital together. The doctors created the moniker “Eko” using the initial letter of their last names. They are Augustine Obiora, Alexander, Eneli, Sunday Kalu, and Eneli. Their teaching hospital is located at the Ikeja branch.

Top Best Hospitals In Nigeria
Eko Hospital| Best Hospitals in Nigeria

8. University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH)

The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital was established by law in 1985, and it has to deliver specialized (tertiary) healthcare services to the Nigerian populace and conduct health and medical research to develop knowledge and the practice of medicine. 

The University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital is one of the significant tertiary healthcare facilities in Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta. It is also considered one of the best hospitals in Nigeria. The hospital believes that there would be important capital flight and a waste of our hard-earned money if it didn’t provide medical care that was in line with global best practices.

The hospital’s mission is to deliver world-class medical care, research, and human resources while utilizing modern technology, a highly skilled and motivated workforce, and a patient-friendly culture. Its goal is to top all other hospitals in the world.

9. First Consultant Medical Centre (FCMC)

It is a hospital that is privately owned and supported, and it is situated on Lagos Island. 1982 saw the founding of FCMC. General surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, neonatology, gynecology, and obstetrics are among the disciplines offered at FCMC.

This is the facility where Liberian Patrick Sawyer, the first Ebola patient, received his diagnosis and treatment in 2014. They are renowned for having cutting-edge medical technology and they are known to be one of the best hospitals in Nigeria.

10. Cedar Crest Hospital

The medical and surgical facilities known as Cedar Crest Hospitals are situated in the Gudu District, Apo, Abuja, Victoria Island, Lagos, and Jebba, Niger State.

They provide their patients and their family a wide range of services and amenities as one of the best hospitals in Nigeria. The hospital is famous for having skilled medical personnel and adequate, accessible, and cutting-edge facilities.

Up to 500 people work for Cedar Crest Hospital as nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals with local and international training. They have expertise in various specialties, including orthopedics, urology, neurology, plastic surgery, and others.

Top Best Hospitals In Nigeria
Cedar Crest Hospital| Best Hospitals in Nigeria

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Nigerian federal hospital is the best?

Federal Medical Center (FMC), Abeokuta. The Federal Medical Centre in Abeokuta is the best of Nigeria’s 22 Federal Medical Centres. On April 21, 1993, the hospital was founded to offer top-notch medical care to the people of Ogun State and other nearby states.

What Nigerian private hospital is the oldest?

Lantoro’s Sacred Heart Personal Hospital was founded in 1895, or roughly 124 years ago. It is Nigeria’s oldest still-operational hospital. Catholic Missionaries founded the hospital, which is still in operation today. Please arrange your appointment online to meet with one of our doctors more quickly.

Which Nigerian state offers the top medical care?

Anambra. The health technology business that produced the research, Anambra has the most effective healthcare system in the nation, closely followed by those of Osun, Ogun, Lagos, and Rivers states to make up the top five states.

Who was the Nigerian PHC founder?

Olikoye Ransome-Kuti, professor. Professor Olikoye Ransome-Kuti was chosen as Minister of Health in 1985. Based on the Alma Ata Declaration of 1978, Professor Ransome-Kuti used PHC in 52 local government areas as models (3). In addition, the first comprehensive national health policy for Nigeria based on PHC was introduced in 1988.


The top best hospitals in Nigeria have been discussed in this article. Nigeria’s healthcare sector is facing unprecedented health threats. But he remained unflappable. The spread was swiftly spread in the bud, and the loss was minimized.

No matter what, Nigeria still has a long way to go before its healthcare system is regarded as one of the best worldwide. It is up to the government, medical professionals, and even patients to ensure this is true. That’s all there is to it; a list of the top hospitals in Nigeria and other regions.

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