List of Detergent Brands in Nigeria

Detergent Brands In Nigeria
Detergent Brands in Nigeria

Nigerians spend a lot of money on laundry products. Therefore, providing them with the best detergent brands in Nigeria is critical.

Customers typically buy detergent brands that appeal to them, smell well, or are, let’s be honest, discounted. 

As long as you don’t mind getting your clothes as clean as possible, everything is OK. Certain detergents clean far better than some other ones.

These sophisticated cleaning abilities can distinguish between immaculate clothing and apparel with minute stains behind. 

We compared Nigeria’s most popular detergent brands to determine the most efficient laundry detergent.

Sit back and enjoy the list of Nigeria’s 12 best detergent brands, as provided in the content below.

12 BEST detergent brands in Nigeria


Detergent Brands In Nigeria
Waw detergent| Detergent Brands

Waw detergent is one of the best detergent brands In Nigeria that provides incredibly fresh, long-lasting, and clean laundry. It is perfect for laundry that is white or light-colored.

To experience the incredible, clean laundry effect that WAW provides, mix a small amount of powdered detergent with water, knead it into a lather, and wash a cloth until the desired level of cleanliness is reached. Rinse with fresh water until the detergent is completely gone.

Expand Global Industries Limited is the manufacturer of WAW Multi-use Detergent. It has a distinctive black sachet packaging. It is one of the most reasonably priced types of detergent powder, and it eliminates stubborn stains and comes in both bio and non-bio forms.

It dissolves in water quickly and leaves no particles or stains on clothing. It works well for both white and colored clothing. Dry cleaners highly suggest it for cleaning various materials since it keeps color vibrant.


So Easy is one of Nigeria’s best and most well-known detergent brands. 

So Easy Detergent is carefully created to provide a brilliantly clean wash with the gentleness of soap to preserve and protect the colors of your garment.

It effectively removes stains from clothing, brightens it, and adds a lovely scent.

It can be used for washing various clothes and is suitable for hand washing or washing machines.


Viva Plus Know Nigeria
Viva Plus| Detergent Brands

Viva Plus detergent, produced by Aspira Nigeria Limited, is one of the best detergent brands in Nigeria. 

Viva Plus is produced with Eco-friendly and multi-enzyme technology to remove tough stains. It also contains a floral fragrance that gives your clothes a long-lasting fragrance.


Sunlight detergent is one of the well-known detergent brands in Nigeria. It cleans garments softly and effectively, leaving them considerably softer. It leaves your hands, clothes, and colors shining. It is not Destructive, and it thoroughly cleans clothing.

Sunlight detergent combines fabric softener and laundry detergent that leaves a lasting scent and helps clean and revive garments. It leaves laundry fresh-smelling and free of grime and stains.


Good Mama is a reliable, powerful cleaning solution for washing and housecleaning produced by Eko Supreme Resources Nigeria Limited. Available in 70 g, 200 g, and 1-kilogram sachet packs, the detergent comes in two varieties: flower fresh and lemon fresh.

Its highly potent chemicals, which include sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, and linear alkyl benzene, will effectively remove stains from your clothing.


Canoe detergent is one of the best and well-known detergent brands in Nigeria. 

It is unique because it is the only color-preserving washing solution that keeps your garments’ colors brighter for longer than other detergents.

Canoe detergent adds extra care to your clothing by cleaning it, removing daily grime, and preventing your clothes from fading. 

It is machine or hand-washable and is specially made to protect your sensitive garments with each wash. 


Omo Detergent 1 Know Nigeria
Omo| Detergent Brands

Omo is one of the oldest and best detergent brands in Nigeria. It is a highly recommended detergent brand in Nigeria that provides fresh, clean clothes without sacrificing skin comfort.

Omo Laundry Liquid Detergent for Allergen Baby Skin is a must-try for those with sensitive skin or who prefer a mild yet effective cleaning solution.


So Klin detergent is suitable for cleaning both colored and white clothing. Natural Prime Resources Limited produces it. It keeps the fabric looking bright white and highlights the hue of colorful clothing.

It is one of the oldest and best detergent brands in Nigeria.


Ariel is one of Nigeria’s well-known and best detergent brands, produced by P & G Nigeria Limited. It gives you excellent cleaning results every time.

It helps remove set-in stains, lessens the ability of dirt and stains to stick, and maintains the vibrancy of the colors. It gives an incredibly fresh and spotlessly clean laundry.

Ariel is gentle on clothing but harsh on stains. It keeps the colors in your clothing vivid and brilliant.


Zip detergent is well-known in Nigeria and works wonders on clothing that needs more care, particularly for stains that must be scrubbed thoroughly.

Zip Detergent is the most economical detergent available.

Zip works wonders for keeping your clothes spotless, as well as for cleaning your floors, washing your home goods, and maintaining immaculate contact surfaces. 

The stain-removal power of Zip detergent is unparalleled. An upgraded enzyme blend and cutting-edge optic brilliant system are included, which can cut through dirt and create a fantastic wash.

Their stain-dissolving ability makes even the most stubborn stains easy to remove.

Zip Know Nigeria
Zip Detergent| Detergent Brands


Virony detergent is also considered one of Nigeria’s best detergent brands. The scent of Virony detergent is invigorating and magnificent. Most importantly, it quickly eliminates stains.

The ingredients in Virony detergent include Surfactants, Builders, Oxygen-base bleaching, agents, Polycarboxylates, Enzymes, Optical brighteners, and Perfumes.

It can be used for washing various clothes and is suitable for hand washing or washing machines.


Fizz detergent is one of the best detergent brands in Nigeria that offers a full day of germ-fighting protection. Clean soap and palm oil are two all-natural substances used in its manufacturing.

Fizz detergent is capable of four things: color management, smoothness, shine and whitening, and long-lasting, flawless germ prevention. 

It can be used for washing and showering and comes in three flavorings: lemon, ocean minerals, and aloe vera extracts.

This is the ideal product for you and your family to purchase if you’re looking for personnel and laundry care.

Fizz Know Nigeria
Fizz Detergent| Detergent Brands


Selecting the best detergent brand sometimes feels like navigating a sea of suds. Finding the perfect detergent requires considering several aspects, including cost-efficiency, fabric care, smell, and cleaning performance. Though opinions on which detergent brand is “best” may differ, a few significant competitors are always at the top.

Sunlight is a well-known brand in Nigerian detergents. Sunlight, a well-established brand in the industry, has grown in popularity due to its potent stain-removing abilities and refreshing scents. With so many varied formulations to suit various washing requirements, Sunlight has become a household name in many Nigerian homes.

Another competitor that has influenced laundry practices throughout the nation is Omo. 

Omo has a devoted following of customers because of its incredible cleaning strength and capacity to remove stubborn stains. As Nigerian consumers’ needs change, the brand frequently launches novel items.

Ariel, a major player worldwide, has created waves in the Nigerian detergent business. Ariel appeals to people looking for an upscale laundry experience because of its cutting-edge cleaning technology and fabric care solutions. Consumers seeking dependable and effective cleaning solutions have found resonance in the brand’s dedication to excellence.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the best detergent brand, even though these companies have made a name for themselves as industry leaders. The factors influencing preferences include personal requirements, financial limitations, or ecological factors. 


What are the ingredients of Viva detergent?

Viva Powder Detergent is what you need for a thorough cleaning that gets rid of stubborn stains. It has everything you need to make your garments look their best, including Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Carbonate, Transactive Anionic, Sodium Silicate, Water, Polymer, Fragrance, Enzyme, and Blue Colourant.

Which is preferable, detergent or soap?

While detergents do not lather in soft or hard water, soaps do. For this reason, detergents work better as cleaners than soaps.

Is the soap from Viva mild?

Your garments will be washed softly and gently with the Viva line of laundry bar soaps. To get rid of the toughest stains, every Viva pack has a lot of foam and incredible washing powder. They are formulated with unique components to promote healthy-looking skin and to prevent and treat infections effectively.

Why is detergent considered good?

For stain removal to be efficient, natural enzymes are necessary. Proteases, amylases, and lipases are enzymes that accelerate the chemical processes in detergents. They go after protein and starch stains.


In conclusion, Nigeria’s wide range of detergent brands indicates the market’s competitive and dynamic nature. Nigerian consumers can access various solutions that meet their diverse needs and interests, ranging from well-known global brands to locally created alternatives.

The availability of liquid and powdered detergents and specific formulations for various materials and washing machines highlights the industry’s dedication to innovation and solving the particular problems consumers encounter.

The detergent market is anticipated to continue expanding and changing as long as Nigerian homes continue to place a high priority on hygiene and cleanliness.

In addition to providing consumers with high-quality products, brand competition encourages ongoing innovation and technical breakthroughs. 

Ultimately, the list of the best detergent brands in Nigeria shows how dedicated the sector is to satisfying the wide range of consumer demands and guaranteeing that homes all around the nation have access to dependable and efficient cleaning products. 

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