10 Best Spas in Port Harcourt

Best Affordable Spas In Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is located in Southern Nigeria and is now one of the busiest cities in Nigeria. The city is a hub for several businesses including trade, investments, and the oil and gas sector.

Port Harcourt is often crowded with visitors and residents because of its fast-developing economy and variety of attractions. The city is filled with so must hustle and bustle hence the need for relaxation for visitors and residents.

A Lady In A Spa Like One Of The Best Spas In Port Harcourt

Spas in Port Harcourt offer the opportunity to relax, unwind and take a break from the stress of the day. There is nothing more calming than knowing that we may receive a massage to relieve the stress from a day or week of work. Or perhaps you’re worried about keeping your skin glowing, which stress is striving so hard to prevent.

Your body can eventually give up under the strain of work and commuting. Unless you occasionally treat it. Yes, perhaps you perform your usual tasks by yourself. But after working alone all week, you can be tired of this. There’s nothing wrong with lying down and getting your body tempered without having to move a muscle.

Types of Spas

Spas are a revitalizing and soothing way to pamper yourself. Each type of spa provides a wide variety of products and services, such as body treatments, Turkish baths, photo facials, massages using essential oils, and even medical care.

The most useful action you can do on your journey to working in a spa is to become familiar with the many various sorts of spas, such as luxury retreats with Japanese influences and meditation and wellness centers. Everyone agrees that visiting a spa is a type of therapy.

A spa offers holistic treatments in numerous ways, combining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual therapies with the ultimate goal of reviving the body and mind. Spas pamper its valued clients with treatments like therapeutic baths and water sports.

Depending on your preferences, there are several different spa kinds that are developed expressly for a wide range of services. While some people go for relaxation techniques or holistic treatments that address both health and attractiveness, others frequently visit spas to boost their physical well-being.

There are many different types of spas in Port Harcourt, each offering unique services and experiences. Some of the most popular types of spas include:

1. Day Spas:

Do you desire a brief break from your regular schedule for pampering and relaxation? If so, day spas are the perfect option for you because they provide comfort and relaxation in addition to your regular activities.

As the name implies, the most fundamental aspect of day spas is that they offer daily services. At these spas, guests are not required to stay overnight and may stay for as little or as long as they like.

A day spa offers massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, and other wellness and relaxation treatments in a calm and unwinding environment. Others might provide sports, fitness, and sauna amenities.

A day spa offers a sauna as well as the whole relaxing experience. The majority of consumers prefer that the spa and salon remain distinct, even though some firms also provide salon services.

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2. Destination Spas

A form of spa where you can go and stay for at least 3 days to feel renewed and healthy is a destination spa. While 5-star hotels and resorts offer upscale spa services, destination spas are the gold standard for wellness, beauty, and stress alleviation.

Destination spas, sometimes referred to as health farms or spa resorts, are created especially for those who desire to improve their lifestyle and their physical and mental health. Destination spas provide all-inclusive services and frequently focus on massages, healthy cuisine, and wellness and beauty procedures.

Many destination spas feature a spa doctor who will create a treatment plan specifically for you and are frequently built with nature in mind. This can be a journey for comprehensive purification and renewal with specific goals in mind, like perspective-shifting, detoxification, healthy eating, and weight management.

Skin treatments, walks, yoga, stretching exercises, educational programs, wholesome meals, and other activities can all contribute to wellness.

3. Resort Spas

If you’re one of those people who likes to rest and travel at the same time, a hotel or resort spa offers you both options! Instead of being a healthful activity, hotel spas seem to be a means of entertainment and relaxation.

They are obviously situated in a 4- or 5-star hotel, however, the amenities provided can vary and offer a wide range of services beyond just massages and facials, including yoga classes, fitness centers, and more. Spas in resorts and hotels provide guests with upscale services.

Resort guests have the option of scheduling or fitting in facials, body massages, scrubs, and other spa indulgences. Customers looking for built-in restorative breaks from travel plans or to unwind and indulge in all the spa treatments are drawn to a spa at a resort. The areas for lodging, entertainment, dining, and drinking can be combined with the services.

4. Medical Spas

A medical spa is a spa that treats patients with specific medical conditions by combining prescribed medications with regular spa treatments. Medical spas provide aesthetic treatments under the direction of medical personnel.

Botox, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, cellulite treatments, dermal fillers, skin tightening, laser hair removal, and laser resurfacing are a few of the most well-liked procedures. For those in need, medical spas provide an alternate kind of healthcare, typically by fusing conventional spa services with medical ones.

For individuals recovering from various surgeries and illnesses, these spa facilities offer total relaxation.

5. Mineral Springs Spas

These spas have a strong emphasis on providing their clients with the most efficient local natural mineral resource, whether it is seawater or thermal, which is used in the hydrotherapy treatments they offer. These spas are situated in regions that have abundant natural mineral reserves.

Spas of this kind were what they were in the earlier days of this idea. The general public can still visit several of these historic natural Spas all throughout the world. Customers can receive a variety of hydrotherapy treatments that are rich in minerals at a natural hot springs destination spa.

Typically, guests can take advantage of luxurious packages while being surrounded by beautiful scenery. Discover health-through-water treatments after checking in, including those utilizing seawater, thermal water, freshwater, or natural mineral water.

Natural minerals are typically used in therapeutic mineral spa water treatments. When you unwind at a hot spring location, take advantage of nature’s public baths by soaking in the warm water and benefiting from the natural healing effects. Spend a day or longer experiencing the everyday activities of the natural springs, or simply soak up the ingredients of these healing waters.

10 Best Affordable Spas in Port Harcourt

Definitely, there are spas in Port Harcourt! It’s difficult for there to not be one given the city’s constant bustle. Why? because brilliant business minds are aware of what the body needs to function. Consequently, there is increased competition in the Port Harcourt spa industry.

It certainly seems like a good idea, don’t you think? It’s great. However, it also poses a dilemma because it gives people a huge range of options to pick from.

In the midst of your professional stress, it means you have to worry about picking the greatest option out of those that are available. Here is a list of the 10 best affordable spas in Port Harcourt.

1. Hadi Nature Spa

Hadi Nature Spa is one of the best spas in Port Harcourt. This spa’s waxing procedure guarantees a virtually painless experience. Additionally, they offer laser hair removal, which removes unwanted hair by employing powerful pulsed light.

Have stretchmarks and are interested in trying to have them removed? This spa offers a micro-needling service that you can test. We might as well include them on the list because we’re already praising their abilities.

Here, you can get piercings, massages, Moroccan Hammans, laser hair removal, waxing, and more. As a result, you can be sure that your money will be well spent if you do visit this spa. Hadi Nature Spa has professionals that are well-versed in the most effective methods. So, you can always choose their excellent service if you want to feel terrific and calm.

You will be astounded by the service provided by the friendly and courteous staff here. Also, all of the skin-care products utilized here are 100% natural. Hadi Nature Spa is located at 25 Uyo Street, Stadium Road, Port Harcourt.

2. Ninna Bella Spa

The fact that pregnant ladies are included in the goodness is one of the reasons this is among the best spas in Port Harcourt. Pregnancy massage is one of the many services they offer. Ninna Bella Spa provides elegance in a serene setting.

So if tranquility is what you value most, this is another serene setting to take into account. The therapists at this spa are knowledgeable and welcoming. And if waxing terrifies you the most, you ought to book an appointment at this spa. Your waxing procedure will be virtually painless.

They provide massages, body polishing, waxing, sauna treatments, pedicures, manicures, and other spa services.

Ninna Bella Spa is located at 29, Nathaniel Road Rukpokwu Road, Okporo Street, Rumuehiwo Estate, Rukpokwu, Port Harcourt.

3. Oriki Spa

Their entire range of services is of the highest caliber from “welcome” to “goodbye”. Your skin will receive excellent care. The Oriki Spa is one of the best spas in Port Harcourt with outstanding customer service and a very conducive setting.

This spa is committed to your wellness, places a high value on self-care, and makes sure you are relaxed, renewed, and pampered. Numerous wellness services are available, such as massages, facials, body treatments, waxing, and nail care.

Oriki Spa is located at 298 Peter Odili Rd, Peter Odili Road, Abuloma, Port Harcourt.

4. Laser Med Spa

Look no further than Laser Med Spa if you’re searching for high-quality skin care in Nigeria’s South-South & Eastern Regions. Modern laser procedures, injectables, facials and peels, and other skin rejuvenation methods are offered by Laser MD Med Spa to help you achieve your cosmetic objectives without breaking the bank.

They provide many different skin treatments, such as massage, sublative rejuvenation, the Fotofacial, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser skin tightening, vein removal with lasers, hair removal with lasers, brown spot removal with lasers, microblading, eyelash extensions, other skincare items.

As one of the leading spas in Port Harcourt, a consultation is an ideal approach to learning more about the many safe and efficient procedures offered at Laser Med Spa.

Prices range from NGN16,500 for 1/2 leg & Bikini Hot Wax to NGN55,000 for laser hair removal for the Lower face (cheeks, upper lip, jaw, and neck)- Female. Laser Med Spa is located at 27 Bishop Dimieri Road, New GRA, Port Harcourt.

5. Serene Spa

Serene Spa, which can be found at phase 2, 23 King Perekule St, GRA 500272, Port Harcourt, has a setting that is, as its name implies, tranquil. Imagine a cozy, warm spa that offers stress-reduction treatments.

There is no way you could go there and not feel relieved of your body pain. The tranquil spa has excellent security and polite, knowledgeable staff. This spa offers a variety of services, such as body massages, pedicures, lash extensions, waxing, and more.

As one of the leading spas in Port Harcourt, Serene Spa has a gym and hair salon which you can easily check out while you’re there. Most importantly, it’s interesting to know that the spa is also reasonably priced.

6. Nessyglams Spa

The goal when building this spa was to lead the way in using organic skin care products and it has grown to be one of the best spas in Port Harcourt. At this spa, which provides the highest standard of skin treatment, you’ll undoubtedly feel like royalty.

This spa boasts that it only uses natural, unprocessed products. We can’t dispute that because their main selling point is their skincare line.

Here, you’ll receive excellent service and a good deal. There are a variety of spa services available here, including facials, massages, skincare items, nail care, skin polishing, etc. There are a tonne of things you should be doing for your body, and the list is really big. Make an appointment right away to nurture that physique.

Nessyglams Spa is located at 197 Peter Odili Road, opposite Prime Wash, Port Harcourt.

7. Lashi Beauty Salon

There are numerous spas in Port Harcourt that you should consider visiting if you want the best. The Lashi Beauty Salon is one that sticks out. Both Lekki, Lagos, and the garden city of Port Harcourt are home to this spa.

They have succeeded in fusing quality and value into the core of the many spa treatments they offer. When discussing the best spas in Port Harcourt, this facility is ultimately one that deserves to be mentioned.

Lashi Beauty Salon provides spa services including facials, waxing, laser therapy, skin polishing, fat melting, manicure, and pedicure.

Lashi Beauty Salon is located at number 3, Pius Wuchendu Road, Off NTA Road, Ozuoba, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

8. The Luxe Spa Salon

The Luxe Spa Salon is a pleasant, tidy, and well-kept establishment that values its patrons’ security. It’s therapists and professional personnel is aware of the value of a friendly welcome. At this spa, the clientele service is outstanding!

One feature that distinguishes this spa and makes it among the best spas in Port Harcourt from others is its tattoo service. So, if getting a tattoo has always been your thing, you can go there and let them handle it.

However, they do provide a few more spa services in addition to tattoos. like ear piercing, massages, hair styling, pedicures, and skin treatments.

Luxe Salon is located at number 85, Tombia extension, opp. Mandela car wash, New GRA, Port Harcourt.

9. Ibioju Spa

Our daily lives include stress, as well as pollution, tension, noise, etc. These result in early aging, agitation, and possibly health issues. Ibioju Spa is a place to relax and show off your finest self.

With the help of their qualified and educated team, you can take advantage of a wide range of spa services and treatments that are intended to remove the superficial layers of daily life and restore you to the peaceful and relaxed person you were always meant to be.

Ibioju Spa is located on the 1st Floor, Rachael Hotel, 3 Harbour Road, Town, Port Harcourt.

10. Gleeden Spa

Think of a spa with friendly staff and a relaxing atmosphere. This spa provides calming massages. Additionally, if you have high standards for excellent customer service, you will enjoy this establishment.

The staff at this spa is polite enough to reassure you that your time there will be enjoyable. And if you’re concerned with nail care, you’re right where you need to be as they offer excellent nail care. As one of the best spas in Port Harcourt, It’s important to note that this spa also features a beauty salon and a barbershop.

Here, you may get spa services like massages, body waxing, hair treatments, manicures, and pedicures, among other things.

Gleeden Spa is located opposite Market Square, 44 Total Gospel Road, Off Peter Odili Road, Port Harcourt.


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There is no excuse not to delight yourself in a rejuvenating day of pampering and relaxation when there are so many wonderful spas in Port Harcourt to choose from. There is a spa in Port Harcourt that is ideal for you, regardless of whether you want a spectacular high-end experience or a spa treatment that is affordable.

We wanted to assist you and help your body, therefore we listed the 10 best spas in Port Harcourt. Being in Port Harcourt alone is stressful enough. But in addition to going to work, you also have to commute. A weekend spa, in our opinion, is the least you can do. So don’t overwork your body and give it a break!

What time is ideal for a spa trip in Port Harcourt?

Off-peak hours, which are often during the week and early in the morning, are the ideal times to visit a spa in Port Harcourt

How can I pick the best spa for me?

Take into account variables like location, spa services, and cost while selecting the best spa for you. Additionally, you ought to examine evaluations and seek advice from friends and family.

Can I make online spa reservations?

To make reserving an appointment simple and straightforward, several spas in Port Harcourt provide online booking options.

Do I need to remove all of my clothing for a massage?

No, you should dress as comfortably as possible. Only the region being treated should be uncovered, and the therapists have been trained in correct drapery procedures, so they will keep you covered at all times.

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