10 Best Trending Nigerian Movies on Netflix

Nigerian Movies On Netflix
Nigerian Movies on Netflix

Our carefully curated selection of the Top 10 Trending Nigerian Movies on Netflix invites you to discover the lively world of Nigerian cinema. The films provide a fascinating exploration of Nollywood’s rich narrative and multifaceted culture, ranging from suspenseful dramas to humorous plays.
Prepare for a cinematic experience that crosses borders and leaves you hungry for more.

Are you a lover of movies and you are looking for interesting Nigerian movies on Netflix to watch in your leisure time?
Read on and check out the 10 Best Trending Nigerian Movies on Netflix.


Adire is one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix. Adire is an educational Nigerian movie directed by Adeoluwa Owu. This movie talks about the story of a young ex-prostitute who migrated to a small town and started a lingerie business made from Adire material.

Kehinde Bankole is the lead actress known as Adire in the movie. When she got to the Town, she provoked the Pastor’s wife owing to her past and present life.

Adire Know Nigeria
Adire| Nigerian movies on Netflix


Ijakumo is one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix. It is a 1 hour 57, 57-minute movie directed by Adebayo Tijani and Steve Shodiya. This movie contains Nollywood stars like Toyin Abraham, Kunle Remi, Lolade Okusanya, Bimbo Akintola, Olumide Oworu, and Lillian Afegbai.
This movie is all about sex, nudity, culture, and religion.

It narrates the story of a Pastor with a dual lifestyle who, in the long run, falls in love with a stripper who he thought was the music director in the church.

Kunle Remi played the Pastor role, while Lolade Okusanya was the stripper. This movie is an interesting movie full of suspense.


Anikulapo is also one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix. It is a folklore movie directed by Kunle Afolayan. The movie stars Adebowale Adedayo, Aderemi Adedeji and Bimbo Ademoye.
Anikulapo is a movie that upholds Yoruba culture.

The movie narrates the story of a young man called Saro, who is in search of greener pastures. He had an affair with one of the King’s wives known as Arolake, who gave him a bird known to give and take life, which eventually led to his death. He absconded with the King’s wife, and they both lived happy lives.

Nigerian Movies On Netflix
Anikulapo| Nigerian movies on Netflix


Blood sisters is a thriller series and one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix. Blood sisters narrate the story of Sarah and Sade. Sarah’s fiance disappears on their engagement day.

This movie is also full of Nollywood stars like Nancy Isime. Biyi Bandele and Kenneth Gyang directed blood sisters.

The movie is loaded with lessons and real-life experiences of people.


Jagun Jagun is a 2-hour, 14-minute action movie rated 18+, directed by Tope Adebayo and Adebayo Tijani. It is one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix. Jagun Jagun tells us the story of a young man who decided to be a powerful warrior (Jagun Jagun). He joined the school of warriors, and then he met the wrath of the maniacal warlord.
This movie is loaded with action-adventure stars from Nollywood legends Femi Adebayo, Ibrahim Yekini Itele, Fathia Balogun, Debo Adebayo, Lateef Adedimeji, Bukunmi Oluwashina, Muyiwa Ademola, Odunlade Adekola, Adebayo Salami, and Yinka Quadri.

Jagun Jagun Know Nigeria
Jagun Jagun| Nigerian movies on Netflix


Ijogbon is a heartfelt and suspenseful movie that is also one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix. This movie is a 1 hour 55 minutes movie rated 16+, which Kunle Afolayan directed. This movie has famous Nollywood stars like Adunni Ade, Femi Adebayo, Femi Branch, Bolaji Amusan, and Gabriel Afolayan.
Ijogbon is a movie that narrates the story of four l from a village called Oyo Oke town.
They stumbled upon a bag containing diamonds. These diamonds later got them into trouble because the owners came looking for them.


Blood Vessel is a 1-hour 59-minute movie that is rated 18+ on Netflix, and it is one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix directed by Moses Inwang.
It is one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix.
This movie narrates the story of six strangers who have been thrown together by fate and are leaving a town destroyed by oil pollution aboard an enigmatic ship without a clue as to what lies ahead.

Blood Vessel Know Nigeria
Blood Vessel| Nigerian movies on Netflix


Shanty Town is a Netflix series rated 18+ and one of Nigeria’s trending Nigerian movies. The movie was produced by Chinenye Chichi Nworah and directed by Dimeji Ajibola, features Ini Edo, Chidi Mokeme, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Mercy Eke, Nancy Isime, Zubby Michael, Uche Jombo, RMD, Peter Okoye (Psquare).
Shanty Town narrates the story of a group of courtesans attempting to break free from the grip of a renowned kingpin. Still, their goal is almost impossible because of political corruption and familial ties.


The black book is an educative movie rated 16+ on Netflix, and it narrates the story of a deacon whose son was framed for kidnapping. It is known to be one of the trending Nigerian movies on Netflix. The father then determined to find justice for his son.
Editi Effiong directed Black Book. The movie features Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ade Laoye, Sam Dede, Olumide Oworu, Shaffy Bello, and many more.

The Black Book Know Nigeria
The black book| Nigerian movies on Netflix


The comedy-drama A Sunday Affair has a lot of soap opera cliches and sporadic eroticism. Still, its love triangle plot suggests that two best friends who mistakenly see the same man could end up in serious trouble. This movie is one of the best trending Nigerian movies on Netflix.
A Sunday Affair is a one-hour thirty-six-minute movie that talks about lifelong closest friends. While they deal with a devastating discovery, Uche and Toyin’s love for the same complex man tests their commitment to one another.

Walter Taylor directed the movie. The top cast in the movie are Oris Erhuero, Dakore Akande, Moses Akerele, Abolad Anthony, and Pamilerin Ayodeji. You won’t want to miss this interesting and educative movie.


What does the term Ijakumo mean?

The ferocious beast known as Ijakumo has no fixed residence. It is always moving. After it goes through a location, it might not return for a long time. Ijakumo is a wolf.

Is Jagun Jagun written in Yoruba?

Yes. A compelling Yoruba movie that genuinely stands out in its genre is Jagun Jagun. With a perfect balance of drama and suspense, the film tells a gripping tale of custom, culture, and family dynamics that holds viewers’ attention throughout.

In which nation is Netflix free?

For this reason, we are launching a brand-new service today: Netflix will now be available to Vietnamese users using Android phones for free, ad-free. Vietnam is the only nation in Asia where we are currently experimenting, and it was the second country in the region to use the Free Plan, following Kenya.

Which Netflix film has received the most views?

Red Notice
Red Notice. The most-watched movie on Netflix is the American action comedy “Red Notice,” directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. With 230.9 million watchers, it is currently ranked #1.

When did Nigeria receive Netflix access?

2020. Nigeria was one of the new markets that the streaming behemoths entered in 2020. Most of Netflix’s Nollywood Originals have exceptional cinematography because local film businesses have helped them advance their technological capabilities.

Which nation can access Netflix?

Netflix is accessible in more than 190 nations worldwide. Every nation has a unique library of licensed and original films and television series. You cannot modify the nation associated with your account unless you relocate.

Can I watch Netflix using a VPN?

Using a trustworthy VPN, Netflix users can get around the geo-blocked content on the streaming service and view content from other countries. They must download their chosen VPN, choose a server in the target nation, and use that device to access Netflix to accomplish this.

Which actors appear in Ijogbon Omo Oba?

Cast: Fawaz Aina, Ebiesuwa Oluwaseyi, Ruby Akubueze, Kayode Ojuolape Jnr, Yemi Sodimu, Yemi Solade, Sam Dede, Bimbo Manuel, Femi Adebayo, Gabriel Afolayan, Adunni Ade, and others.

Ijogbon is filmed where?

KAP Film Village & Resort
Gabriel Afolayan, Adunni Ade, Dorathy Bachor, Femi Branch, Sam Dede, Yemi Sodimu, Bimbo Manuel, Yemi Solade, and numerous other celebrities starred in the film. The film’s shooting location was KAP Film Villagefilm’sesort in Oyo State.


As you embark on this Netflix journey through our carefully curated collection of the Top 10 Trending Nigerian Movies, lose yourself in the enchantment of Nigerian narrative. Whether you enjoy serious drama, comedy, or romance, these films highlight the talent of Nollywood’s best.

Don’t miss the cultural depth, engaging narratives, and superb performances that make these films a must-watch. Put on some popcorn, press play, and watch as the fascinating world of Nigerian movies is revealed to you. Enjoy your viewing!




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