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Baze University
Baze University

Are you ready to embark on an educational journey that can shape your future? Look no further than Baze University. 

With its diverse courses and state-of-the-art facilities, this prestigious institution is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive learning experience. 

But let’s talk about the elephant in the room – school fees. This article will examine Baze University’s tuition costs and uncover everything you need about their course offerings. 

So, discover how Baze University can help pave your path toward success without breaking the bank.

About Baze University

One of the top private universities in Nigeria is Baze University, which is situated in the center of Abuja. This 2011-founded institution is dedicated to giving students a top-notch education and preparing them for success in their chosen industries.

They provide various undergraduate and graduate programs, modern facilities, and a highly qualified academic staff.

Also, the University distinguishes itself in part by emphasizing real-world learning opportunities. The focus on internships, industrial attachments, and team-based initiatives with business partners reflects this. 

Giving students the chance to apply the theory they have learned in class to actual situations helps prepare them for workplace success once they graduate.

Additionally, Baze University values innovation and research highly. The organization has established a reputation for performing ground-breaking research in various fields and bringing fresh perspectives and answers to urgent societal problems. 

Through its research projects, Baze University hopes to have a big impact on both the domestic and global levels on everything from improvements in healthcare to sustainable development techniques.

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Why study at Baze University?

Baze University is a great option for potential students pursuing higher education in Nigeria. The dedication to academic excellence at Baze University is a critical factor that makes it stand out. 

Baze University guarantees that students obtain a top-notch education beyond the content of textbooks thanks to a committed staff of scholars and industry specialists. 

Modern teaching techniques and cutting-edge facilities at the institution enable students to engage in an interactive learning environment that better prepares them for difficulties in the real world.

The focus on developing practical skills at Baze University is another persuasive argument for attending. The institution places a high value on giving students the practical skills they need to succeed in their chosen disciplines in addition to theoretical knowledge.

Because of this emphasis on improving employability, Baze graduates stand out in the labor market since they have academic credentials and practical skills that make them essential business assets.

In addition, the University promotes a varied and inclusive environment where students from various backgrounds can coexist and advance together. 

Through various extracurricular activities and student clubs, the university encourages collaborative learning and supports cross-cultural engagement. 

Participating in these exchanges widens students’ perspectives, and they are better prepared for the globalized world where cultural sensitivity is highly prized.

Baze University Programs

Baze University School Fees
Baze University

The institution provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate academic programs. The institution offers 43 different undergraduate degree programs across the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Management and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Computing and Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

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What are the Available Baze University Courses?

Baze University offers students various courses catering to various interests and career paths.   They include:


  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Telecommunication
  • Petroleum & Gas Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

Medicine & Pharmacy

  • Medicine & Surgery

Arts, Management & Social Science

  • Accounting
  • Banking & Finance
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Government and Public Administration
  • International Relations & Diplomacy
  • Psychology
  • Mass Communication
  • Sociology AND Anthropology

Science & Technology

  • Computer Science
  • Management Information System
  • Mathematics
  • Physics With Computing
  • Biology
  • Petroleum Chemistry


  • Law

Postgraduate School Programs

The postgraduate school offers the following M.Sc degree programs:

  • Animal And Environmental Science
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • International Relations And Diplomacy
  • Management MMAN
  • Mass Communication (MMAC)
  • Parasitology MPAR
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology MSOC
  • Intelligence and Global Security
  • Security, Leadership, and Society
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Law (LLM)

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Baze University School Fees

The admission selection procedure at Baze University School is not particularly competitive because the tuition is approximately N1,000,000 or more, and many applicants cannot afford it.

The university also offers student housing, a cafeteria, well-built college buildings, consistent electricity, ATMs, and other amenities.

The Baze University School fees vary depending on the program and the year of study. For the 2023/2024 academic session, the tuition fees for undergraduate programs are as follows:

  • Faculty of Law: ₦3,327,500 per semester
  • Faculty of Management & Social Sciences: ₦2,994,750 per semester
  • Faculty of Computing & Applied Sciences: ₦2,994,750 per semester
  • Faculty of Basic Medical/Health Sciences (Apart from MBBS): ₦3,327,500 per semester
  • Faculty of Basic Medical/Health Sciences (MBBS): ₦3,775,000 per semester

The tuition fees for postgraduate programs are as follows:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): ₦2,500,000 per year
  • Master of Science (MSc): ₦1,800,000 per year
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): ₦2,500,000 per year

These fees are subject to change. For the latest information on the baze university school fees, please visit the Baze University website.

Baze University Admission and Eligibility

The lowest requirements for admission to Baze University are credit passes in five subjects at the SSCE/GCE O’Level/NECO/NABTEB or equivalent obtained in no more than two sittings.

It is necessary to succeed in English Language, Mathematics, and other subjects linked to the intended field of study.

What Is The Baze University Cutoff Mark For All Courses?

The school administration desires to inform the general public, particularly the freshmen at Baze University, that the departmental cut-off mark for the 2023/2024 session has been announced and that all courses at Baze University is 180.

This acts as the university’s departmental and JAMB cut-off marks. Candidates who registered for the UTME and chose Baze University as their top choice of institution and received a minimum JAMB score of 180 or higher can purchase the Baze University Post UTME form.

Applicants need to understand that reaching the minimum Baze University cut-off mark does not guarantee admission to the degree program of their choice. Baze University admissions requirements include your Post UTME score, O’Level results, course combination, JAMB score, and other factors.

Additional Details

To be accepted into any undergraduate program the university offers, prospective students must achieve the cut-off mark for the courses they want to enroll in.

All candidates who took the required cut-off score for any of their selected courses or programs on the JAMB and Baze University Post-UTME tests now have an equal opportunity to get admitted to the university.

Baze University Accommodation

For its students, Baze University offers a place that acts as a home away from home. Their on-campus housing alternatives are created with the highest attention to the well-being of the students. Students will be housed in dormitories with either one or two people per room.

The price will vary depending on how many students are living together and the type of facilities. Private housing costs N715,412.50* per semester (one person per room). The cost of shared housing (two people per room) is N357,706.25* each semester.

Before paying for accommodations, students are strongly encouraged at the school to check the Hostel Portal to ensure they are still available.

To guarantee that students have relaxing locations to concentrate on their studies while living in their accommodations, study desks and reading lamps are given in each room. To give their students the ideal home-like environment, refrigerators, and high-quality furniture are also provided.

To get more information about the school, visit the school’s official

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Baze University School Fees, Courses FAQs

How can I apply for admission to Baze University?

To apply for admission, visit the official Baze University website and follow the application instructions provided.

Is Baze University accredited?

Baze University is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in Nigeria.

What are the admission requirements for undergraduate programs?

Admission requirements vary by program but generally include a completed application, academic transcripts, and standardized test scores. Please refer to the university’s admissions page for specific requirements.

Are there scholarships available for students?

Yes, Baze University offers scholarships to eligible students based on academic merit and other criteria. Be sure to check the university’s website for scholarship opportunities.


Baze University offers a wide range of courses catering to its students’ diverse interests and career aspirations. The school’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its rigorous academic programs and dedicated faculty members who provide quality education and mentorship.

While the school fees may seem high compared to other institutions, it is important to consider Baze University’s value in terms of infrastructure, resources, and overall educational experience. Baze University is worth considering if you are looking for a reputable institution that prioritizes academic excellence and prepares students for successful careers. Take the next step towards achieving your educational goals by exploring the courses offered at Baze University today.

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