Top Free Grants In Nigeria

Top Free Grants In Nigeria
Top Free Grants in Nigeria

The giant of Africa, Nigeria, is recognized for its abundant resources and economic development potential. 

Financial limitations, however, prevent many people and organizations from taking full use of these opportunities. 

Thankfully, the Nigerian government and numerous national and international organizations are dedicated to promoting socio-economic growth by offering no-cost grants to encourage creative concepts, enterprises, educational projects, and social causes. 

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the top free grants in Nigeria that can work as a catalyst for people and organizations aiming to impact their professions significantly.

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Grants are financial aid organizations, institutions, or governments give to people, companies, or nonprofit organizations to support particular initiatives, projects, or activities. 

Grants are primarily intended to finance projects that fit with the aims and goals of the organization that is awarding them. 

Grant recipients are expected to use the money for the specified purpose stated in the grant agreement, and grants are frequently awarded based on a competitive application procedure.


Different grants are offered in Nigeria to help various initiatives and sectors. In Nigeria, a few specific grant categories are as follows:

Government Grants: 

Nigeria’s federal, state, and local governments offer these grants. They seek to promote initiatives and plans that advance the nation’s socioeconomic progress.

Funds for Research: 

These funds support research projects in various disciplines, including science, technology, health, agriculture, and the social sciences. Universities, government organizations, or research institutions typically give them out.

Grants for nonprofits:

Grants for nonprofit groups are available from foundations, businesses, and governments that promote charitable causes. 

These awards assist nonprofit organizations in carrying out initiatives or offering services to meet social or community needs.

Grants for Entrepreneurship:

Grants for entrepreneurship are intended to assist current or aspiring small business owners in starting, growing, or expanding their operations. They might contribute money to cover start-up expenses, training, supplies, or marketing.

Grants for the agriculture industry

Grants for the agriculture industry are available because Nigeria is primarily an agricultural country. These grants support farmers, farming cooperatives, and agribusinesses in market access, equipment, new farming methods, and research.

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Applying for and receiving grants has several advantages, including:

1. Financial Assistance: 

Grants give recipients access to money they can utilize to start other enterprises or endeavors. They reduce financial burdens, allowing people and organizations to achieve their objectives or meet urgent needs.

Receiving funding demonstrates that the organization providing the award recognizes the importance and potential of the project or initiative. It offers validity, credibility, and recognition in the appropriate field or community.

2. Networking opportunities: 

Grant programs frequently provide conferences, workshops, and networking events where grant winners can meet other like-minded people, subject matter experts, or potential collaborators. These exchanges may result in partnerships, knowledge-sharing, and new opportunities.

3. Building Capacity: 

Some grants come with capacity-building elements, such as training courses, mentorship, or technical support. These changes help award winners develop their abilities and expertise, which enables them to have a more significant impact and last longer.

4. Visibility and Publicity: 

Grant-funded initiatives or groups frequently gain media attention and publicity, which increases public knowledge of their activities. Through increased visibility, stakeholders and the general public may offer more assistance, collaborate with you, or give you accolades.

Grants may support programs that address societal issues, advance social welfare, or promote sustainable development. People and organizations can positively impact their communities, industries, or the country by receiving grants.

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Top Free Grants In Nigeria
Top Free Grants in Nigeria


In Nigeria, there are different categories of free grants:

  • Governmental Grants
  • Non-governmental Grants
  • Private Grants

1. Governmental Grants

Nigeria’s federal government offers a variety of grants to help fund a variety of projects and initiatives. 

These funds seek to advance research, entrepreneurship, social development, and other top priorities. Here are a few instances of grants from the federal government:

i. Grants for agriculture: 

The federal government provides grants to aid in the growth of agriculture, including money for agribusiness initiatives, market access, research, and advanced farming methods.

Researchers, scientists, and innovators in various sectors, including science, technology, medicine, and the social sciences, are eligible for research and innovation awards. They aid in funding research activities, the purchase of equipment, and initiatives focused on innovation.

ii. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SME) Grants: 

The federal government offers grants to promote the expansion and development of small and medium-sized businesses. These grants help with startup finance, business growth, training, capacity building, and market access.

iii. Grants for Youth Empowerment: 

Through entrepreneurship, skill development, vocational training, and capacity-building initiatives, grants are available to empower Nigerian youth. These grants are meant to lower young unemployment and encourage independence.

iv. Education Grants: 

To raise the standard of education in Nigeria, the federal government provides grants. These funds may fund teacher capacity building, scholarship programs, educational research, and the construction or refurbishment of educational facilities.

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2. Grants from Non-Governmental Organizations

International non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are essential in Nigeria because they give money to assist various initiatives. These global organizations provide Nigerian individuals, groups, and communities with financing options. 

Their award programs are intended to address social, economic, and environmental issues. Here are several well-known foreign NGOs that give donations in Nigeria:


UNDP supports initiatives in Nigeria that promote sustainable development, poverty reduction, good governance, and environmental sustainability. Governmental and non-governmental organizations can apply for grants from them.

ii. United States Agency for International Development (USAID): 

USAID offers funds to organizations in Nigeria to help them address problems with governance, healthcare, education, agriculture, and economic development. They frequently look to collaborate with neighborhood NGOs and community-based organizations.

Grants from the Ford Foundation are available to advance social justice, human rights, the arts, and cultural expression in Nigeria. They back programs that combat inequality and promote inclusive growth.

Learn More

iii. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: 

The Gates Foundation funds Nigeria to address health, agriculture, and development issues. They concentrate on raising agricultural output, enhancing healthcare, and lowering poverty.

Learn More about Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

3. Free Private Grants

Here are private grants in Nigeria that are free:

i. Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program 

One of the main initiatives supporting African entrepreneurs, especially those in Nigeria, is the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program. This is one of the top free grants in Nigeria open for entrepreneurs.

This program offers startup money, mentoring, and business training to selected entrepreneurs. A comprehensive business plan showcasing the potential for expansion and impact must be submitted as part of the application process. 

Successful candidates get access to a network of business mentors, financiers, and competitors, which enables them to grow their companies and promote economic growth.

Apply for Tony Elumelu Foundation Program  

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ii. Bank of Industry Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Program

Among the top free grants in Nigeria is the Bank of Industry Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) Program. This program encourages young Nigerian entrepreneurs to develop original company concepts. 

Financial support, capacity training, and access to market opportunities are all provided by this program. A feasible business idea, between 18 and 35 years old, and a dedication to business growth are requirements for eligibility. 

Successful candidates receive funding to launch their businesses, enabling them to produce jobs and promote economic growth.

Apply for Bank of Industry Youth Entrepreneurship Support (YES) 

iii. Grants for Nigerian Art

Nigeria has a thriving arts sector and a rich cultural history. Various awards are offered to aid artists in their creative activities. 

The Nigerian Art Grants provide financial aid to musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, and other creative people. 

With the help of these awards, artists can create high-caliber work, share their talent with the world, and enrich Nigeria’s cultural scene. You must submit a portfolio or plan to demonstrate your artistic ability and potential influence to apply.

iv. The AMVCA (Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards)

The annual Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) honor the best in African film and television. 

Talented performers, directors, and other industry professionals have the chance to present their work and gain exposure through this platform. 

Winners in several categories are given cash awards and support from the industry, allowing them to advance their careers and support the development of the Nigerian film and television industry.

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4. Grants for Community Development: Supporting Local Initiatives

i. Project Pollination

An international foundation that provides grants to community-driven projects is called The Pollination Project. 

Education, the environment, health, and social justice are some of their main priority areas. Nigerian individuals and organizations can apply for financing to implement initiatives that meet particular community needs. 

You must submit a proposal explaining the project’s goals, effects, and sustainability strategy to apply. Successful candidates receive seed money, which enables them to start making changes in their communities.

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ii. You Win! Connect

YouWIN! is among the top free grants in Nigeria that offer startup funds. The Nigerian government launched the Connect program to promote entrepreneurship. 

It offers funding, education, and coaching to young business owners with creative ideas. This initiative aids businesses in various industries, including technology, fashion, and agriculture. 

Candidates undergo a rigorous selection procedure, including submitting a business plan and presenting their concepts to judges. 

The entrepreneurial adventures of the successful participants are accelerated through cash support and company development training.

Apply for YouWIN! CONNECT

5. Grants for Healthcare: Improving Access to Medical Services

i. Health Innovation Market Nigeria Grants 

Innovating in the healthcare industry is what the Nigeria Health Innovation Marketplace Grants are designed to do. 

These funds assist people and groups who create ground-breaking remedies for Nigeria’s healthcare problems. 

Initiatives for capacity building, technology development, and medical research are all examples of eligible projects. 

Adopting cutting-edge healthcare solutions is encouraged by receiving funding, technical assistance, and access to a network of stakeholders through successful applications.

ii. TY Danjuma Foundation Grants

The TY Danjuma Foundation Grants aim to enhance access to and the quality of healthcare in Nigeria. 

Initiatives addressing mother and child health, malaria, and other common diseases are supported by this foundation. 

Non-profit groups operating in the healthcare industry are eligible for the awards. Successful applicants receive cash and technical support to carry out initiatives that significantly improve Nigerians’ quality of life.

Apply for TY Danjuma Foundation Grants

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You can adhere to these standard procedures to apply for free grants in Nigeria:

Research Grant Opportunities: 

To get started, look into and find grants that fit your topic or initiative. Look for funds provided by governmental bodies, foundations, businesses, and NGOs. 

You can learn about grant opportunities through online searches, grant databases, official government websites, and regional news sources.

Read and comprehend the eligibility requirements: 

Examine the eligibility requirements for each grant you are interested in. Pay close attention to any specific restrictions the grant-giving organization may have stated regarding the project’s type, intended recipients, location, and other factors. 

Before proceeding with the application, ensure your project complies with these specifications.

Compile the essential documentation by the grant application standards. This could include any supporting documentation the grant-giving institution requires, such as a project proposal, budget plan, organizational profile, identity documents, bank information, etc.

The application form in its entirety: 

Completely and accurately fill out the grant application. Ensure to include all the necessary details and follow the instructions. 

Be succinct, precise, and persuasive when defining your project, its goals, anticipated results, and the community or people it will benefit.

Application Submission: 

Within the allotted timeframe, submit your application in its entirety, together with all necessary supporting materials. 

Make careful to adhere to the grant-giving organization’s submission guidelines. Some grants need to be submitted online, while others might need hard copies sent or personally delivered.

Follow-Up and Await Response: 

After submitting your application, give the organization awarding the grant enough time to analyze and assess it. Be patient, as grant selection procedures can take some time. You should anticipate hearing back within that window if the guidelines provide a deadline. Focus on more prospective funding opportunities or develop your project plans in the interim.

Maintain Communication: 

Do not hesitate to contact the grant-making organization if you have any questions or need more information while your application is being reviewed. 

Use the methods of contact they like, whether email, phone conversations, or in-person meetings. Throughout the process, it is critical to communicate respectfully and professionally.


What are the requirements for these top free grants in Nigeria?

The requirements for each grant differ. Reviewing the particular specifications listed in the grant application instructions is crucial. Typically, throughout the selection process, elements including citizenship, age, educational background, and project relevance are taken into account.
You must adhere to the application guidelines provided by the grant sponsor to apply for these grants. Usually, this entails submitting an application form, supporting documentation, and other needs made clear in the instructions. Reading the directions carefully and supplying correct and comprehensive information is essential.

Do only individuals qualify for these grants, or can organizations also apply?

These funds are available to both people and organizations. While some awards are geared toward entrepreneurs, others support neighborhood projects or nonprofit organizations. The eligibility requirements will determine whether people or organizations are eligible to apply.

Can I submit more than one grant application at once?

As long as you complete the requirements for each grant, you may apply for more than one grant at once. To commit to any application’s needs, however, you must manage your time and resources appropriately.


Nigeria provides a variety of free grants that have a significant favorable influence on people and businesses in many different industries. 

These awards offer growth and development opportunities, from support for agriculture and healthcare to money for education and entrepreneurship. 

Before applying, candidates should do extensive research on the requirements and the application procedure. 

Individuals and companies can acquire the funding they need to realize their goals and assist the nation’s economic development by taking advantage of these top free grants in Nigeria. Start looking into these grants right once to maximize your chances of success.

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