How To Recharge MTN

How To Recharge Mtn
How To Recharge Mtn

It’s crucial to keep connected in today’s fast-paced environment for both business and personal interactions. Airtime is essential for several reasons, including making critical phone calls, sending urgent messages, and using the internet while on the go. To stay connected at all times, recharging airtime is a regular task for millions of MTN subscribers.


You will be able to conveniently top up your airtime and stay connected whenever and wherever you need to by following the easy instructions in our detailed guide on how to recharge your MTN.

Knownigeria has you covered with simple-to-follow guidelines to make the recharging procedure hassle-free, from buying a recharge card to finishing it. 


To make sure you never run out of airtime when you need it most, let’s dive in and go over the step-by-step guide on how to recharge MTN.


You can easily purchase airtime, data, and other products from MTN with MTN mobile app. 

To recharge your MTN card using the MTN Mobile App follow the following steps;

  • Download the MTN Bank App (MyMTN App) on your Android or iPhone from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Make sure you register your details with your MTN number.
  • Log in to the MTN mobile app
  • On the app menu, select the buy airtime.
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  • Select voucher recharge. You can select buy for others options if you are not buying for yourself.
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  • Enter the 16-digit PIN found on your recharge card and press use voucher. 
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  • You’ll receive quick credit on your phone.


You can purchase data, airtime, and other products on the MTN website. 


Follow the steps below if you want to use the MTN website to recharge your MTN card;

  • Launch the browser on your phone like Chrome, or Google.
  • Check out 
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  • On the welcome page, Scroll down a little and click on recharge.
  • On the recharge page. there are three boxes, scroll to the side until you get to USSD recharge. Click on find out more.
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  • On the page showing frequently asked questions, scroll down and click on find out more in the box showing Buy Airtime.
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  • Sign in using your MTN phone number. Click on Proceed.
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  • Choose the option Voucher card on the page showing OTP Options. 
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  • Enter the 16-digit PIN found on your recharge card and serial number press the proceed button. 
  • You’ll receive quick credit on your phone.


You can also recharge your MTN card using the recharge feature found on the majority of Nigerian ATMs. 

Follow the steps below if you want to use the ATM Card to recharge your MTN card;

  • Place your ATM card in.
  • Opt for the rapid teller option.
  • Decide to use the recharging option.
  • Recharge your card by entering the 16-digit PIN written on it, then click submit.
  • It will credit your phone immediately.


  • Launch Google or any browser on your phone
  • Go to a trustworthy MTN-compatible online recharge website.
  • Open an account on the platform
  • Make sure you fund your account wallet on the platform
  • Click the denomination of airtime and type your phone number.
  • Enter the voucher PIN to finish the purchase safely.


Using USSD code to recharge your MTN line is one of the simplest and most well-liked methods available. Follow the steps below;

  • Launch the Phone app on your device 
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  • Simply enter *311*PIN# on your phone and hit the transmit button.
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How to Recharge MTN
  • Your MTN line will be credited immediately and you will receive a message on your phone.


You can buy data, airtime, and other items through the mobile apps available on the majority of Nigerian banks. Using a bank mobile app to recharge mtn card;

  • Download your bank app from your Playstore or App Store.
  • Enter your information as per your bank’s guidelines.
  • From the bank app menu, choose the option to recharge.
  • Your recharge card’s 16-digit PIN should be entered and submitted.
  • Your mtn line phone immediately.


Let’s take a look at the Banks with their respective USSD codes.

  1. Guaranty Trust Bank–*737#
  2. Fidelity Bank–*770#
  3. Stanbic IBTC–*909#
  4. First Bank–*894#
  5. Zenith Bank–*966#
  6. Access Bank–*901#
  7. Keystone Bank–*7111#
  8. Heritage Bank–*745#
  9. Unity Bank–*7799#
  10. Diamond Bank–*302#
  11. Wema Bank–*945#
  12. Union Bank – *826#
  13. EcoBank–*326#
  14. Sterling Bank–*822#
  15. Polaris Bank–*833#
  16. United Bank of Africa–*919#
  17. First City Monument Bank–*329#

New MTN USSD Codes

  • Buy Data: *312#
  • Borrow Airtime: *303#
  • Borrow Data: *303#
  • STOP Service (VAS): *305#
  • Check Balance: *310#
  • Credit Recharge: *311#
  • Transfer airtime: *321#
  • Verification of SIM Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage: *996#
  • Data Balance Code: *312*5#
  • Data Bonus Balance Code: *312#
  • Awuf balance: *312#
  • MTN Promo Deals (4ME): *121#
  • Call Centre: 300


Can I recharge airtime for someone else using the MTN mobile app?

Of course. You can recharge airtime to any MTN number, not just your own, using the MTN mobile app. So you can use the app to help if a friend or family member needs a quick top-up. It’s a practical method to guarantee that everyone remains in contact.

Which is preferable, Beta Talk or MTN Pulse?

To further the recharge incentive, Beta Talk offers a 500% bonus on each recharge. The 300% airtime and the 200% data for internet browsing are included in this incentive. Well, it’s worth looking into both Pulse and Beta Talk as viable pricing plans.

What Should I Do If My Physical Recharge Card’s PIN Was Accidentally Scratched Off?

Oops! People often experience this. Don’t panic if you can’t read the PIN. Get in touch with MTN customer service and provide them with the recharge card’s serial number. After confirming the information, they will help you get the PIN. Keeping your physical recharge card safe.

What Should I Do If After Loading My Airtime Using A USSD Code, It Doesn’t Reflect?

Remain calm! Network congestion can occasionally lead to delays. After a few minutes, check your balance once more and restart your phone. Contact MTN customer service if the problem continues, and they will help you find a solution. Just give them a call, don’t forget.

What is the MTN airtime code?

Dial *311* to recharge airtime; dial *310# to check airtime balance; dial *303# to borrow airtime; dial *312# to purchase data.

How can I obtain MTN data at a low cost?

Daily Plan
One of the most affordable data bundles that enables you to use data continuously for a full day is the MTN Daily data package. Depending on how frequently and briefly you wish to use the internet, you can choose from 4 different data bundles. N50 gets 40MB.

What is the best MTN for data usage?

MTN Pulse. This plan offers reasonable prices for streaming and nighttime browsing, making it ideal for young people and data-savvy people. MTN GoodieBag. A variety of GoodyBag packages catered to various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others, are available for selection by social media enthusiasts.

If I have 100 Naira, how can I get 1GB?

The steps to activate MTN’s 100-bit 1GB cheat code. First, confirm that you have received an SMS from MTN regarding the N100 for 1GB data plan OFFER. Next, dial *312*100# to sign up for the MTN 1GB for 100 Naira. This will activate the MTN cheat code 100 for 1GB.


All things considered, recharging your MTN card is a simple procedure that anyone can learn. You may easily and quickly top up your airtime to make sure you stay in touch with your friends, family, and coworkers by following the easy instructions provided in this article. 

In today’s digital age, having airtime on your mobile phone is crucial, whether you need to use it for important calls, urgent texts, or on-the-go internet access.

You may easily top up your MTN line, anywhere, by buying MTN recharge from a variety of merchants and dialing the code. When you want to recharge, don’t forget to gently scratch the card to reveal the PIN, check the PIN twice before entering the code, and take comfort in knowing that you will always have airtime available.

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