List of Radio Stations in Lagos and their Frequency

Radio Stations In Lagos
Radio Stations in Lagos

Have you ever found yourself flipping through the dial to get the best radio station with the most engaging programs? You do not need to worry yourself looking for the best radio stations to listen to.


KnowNigeria has brought to you the list of radio stations in Lagos and their frequency. Once you tune into these stations, please don’t touch the dial. There are many radio stations in Lagos and some are quite popular. 

Lagos is home to a diverse range of voices that are reflected in the busy environment of the city. The radio stations in Lagos play a wide variety of programming that represents its colorful culture, from the throbbing intensity of sports commentary to the rhythmic beats of Afrobeat.


Join us as we explore this auditory mosaic, where every frequency opens a door to a different world of knowledge, amusement, and interpersonal relationships.

Prepare to experience the diverse range of Lagosian radio frequencies that create a kaleidoscope of sounds and voices in the city’s soundtrack.

News, music, discussion shows, sporting events, and other content are all aired on radio stations. As they commute, drive to and from work, perform household tasks, cook, clean, and so on, most people listen to the radio.

One cannot stress the value of radio enough. Because they offer news, entertainment, education, health, sports, and other information, radio stations are crucial sources of knowledge about current affairs.


Care to know more about these radio stations and their frequency? Let’s dive right into this article.

List of radio stations in Lagos and their frequency 


Frequency: 89.7 MHz

Eko FM is one of the most popular and oldest radio stations in Lagos. Eko FM was founded in 1997 following the establishment of the Radio Lagos FM.

The primary focus of the station’s operations is the display of Lagos’s life and customs through its intricately designed programmes.

Eko FM was established to give Yoruba people information. This station is highly relied upon by all Lagosians for news updates because it transmits in both local and English languages.

The public receives important messages from the government, which has a wide reach. Currently, Mr. Olajide Isiaka Lawal is the General Manager of Eko FM. 


  • Morning Glory: A vibrant morning program that starts the day with music, news updates, and conversations on current affairs.
  • Eko Market Show: Highlighting goods and services offered in Lagos markets, this show focuses on business and commerce while offering advice to aspiring business owners.
  • Eko Traffic Watch: To assist travellers in navigating Lagos traffic, this program provides real-time traffic updates, road conditions, and alternate routes.
  • Eko Sports Arena: Provides listeners with up-to-date information on the newest sporting events by providing highlights, commentary, and local and worldwide sports news.
  • Eko Talk
  • Eko Cultural Fiesta
  • Eko Family Hour
  • Eko Party Jamz
Eko Fm Know Nigeria
Eko FM| Radio Stations in Lagos


Frequency: 107.5 MHz

Radio Lagos 107.5 FM, popularly known as Tiwa n’ Tiwa is one of the top radio stations in Lagos.

It was founded in 1977 and it is a division of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). The FM radio station is the first in Lagos State to be owned by the state.

The Lagos State Radio Service took ownership of Radio Lagos 107.5 FM (Tiwa n’Tiwa) in 2001 due to the necessity for change.

As the first language-focused station, Radio Lagos transmits primarily in Yoruba and Egun for over 98% of its programs, with English bulletins making up about 2% of the programs.

Listeners in Lagos who speak Yoruba and the Nigerian diaspora are among the station’s target demographics.

Mr. Olajide Isiaka Lawal has been appointed as General Manager of Radio Lagos.


  • Morning Rendezvous: This is a morning program that starts the day with a blend of music, news, and weather updates along with lively conversation.
  • Lunchtime Express: To keep listeners amused throughout their lunch break, this program mixes music, entertainment news, and listener dedications during the midday break.
  • News Hour: Dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of news, this program includes interviews with newsmakers and specialists in addition to local, national, and international news articles.
  • Traffic Watch: To assist travelers in navigating Lagos traffic during peak hours, it provides real-time traffic information, road conditions, and alternate routes.
  • Afternoon Drive: A fun program that keeps listeners entertained on their way home with music, showbiz rumors, and conversations on hot subjects.
  • Sport Arena
  • Evening Groove
  • Weekend Special


Frequency: 88.9 MHz

Nigerian sports radio station Brila FM is well-known and headquartered in Lagos. It is renowned for providing in-depth coverage of political events, live commentary, analysis, and sports news from both domestic and foreign sources.

The station features a variety of sports, including boxing, basketball, football (soccer), athletics and more. Because of its vibrant presenting style and interesting programs, Brila FM has become a major favorite among Nigerian sports fans.


  • Sports Drive: A daily sports show covering the latest news, updates, and analysis from the world of sports, including football, basketball, athletics, and more.
  • Brila Morning Show: A lively morning program featuring a mix of sports news, interviews with athletes and coaches, listener interactions, and music to start the day on a high note.
  • Game On: A sports talk show where experts and analysts discuss trending sports topics, provide insights, and engage in debates with listeners.
  • Half Time: A midday sports show providing halftime updates, match previews, and analysis for ongoing sports events, including live commentary during major games.
  • Sports Drive Reloaded
  • Sports Machine
  • The locker room
  • Sports Extra
Brila Fm Know Nigeria
Brila FM| Radio Stations in Lagos


Frequency: 91.3 MHz

Lagos Talk FM is one of the radio stations in Lagos renowned for its varied talk shows, debates, and analysis of current events, politics, entertainment, and social concerns in Lagos and beyond.

Lagos Talks 91.3 FM, is a discussion radio station based in Lagos, Nigeria.

This radio station was established to foster and promote discussions about matters that concern the people of Lagos.

Debates on a wide range of topics, including politics, sports, news, business, leadership, health, parenting, and relationships, can be heard and participated in when you tune into Lagos Talks.


  • Morning Talks: This is a morning program with special guests and listener call-ins that features debates on politics, current events, and social issues impacting Lagosians.
  • The Business Hour: Discusses investment opportunities and market trends in Lagos, as well as business and economic news, and features interviews with business owners and industry executives.
  • Lagos Talks News Update: Offers hourly traffic information, weather predictions, and news updates on local, national, and international news stories.
  • Health Matters: This program features medical professionals and experts who address health-related issues, wellness advice, and healthcare services offered in Lagos.
  • Lagos Talks Sports
  • The Evening Drive
  • Lagos Talks Tech
  • Lagos Talks Culture


Frequency: 92.9 MHz

Bond FM is undoubtedly one of the best radio stations in Lagos. It is an open-access station. The languages used for transmission are Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, and Pidgin.

Originally known as Radio Nigeria 3, Bond FM was established on September 20, 1987, as a branch of FRCN (Radio Nigeria). It was the third FRCN station in Lagos. After Africa’s first FM station, Radio Nigeria 2 (now Metro FM), came Radio Nigeria 3.

In Lagos, the FRCN was established after the management saw that there was no radio station speaking the language of the people. They intended to launch a radio station that would provide broadcasts to the public in their native tongue.


  • Morning Bond: This is a morning program that starts the day with a mix of music, news, weather, and talks about current events.
  • Bond News Desk: Offers hourly traffic and weather reports in addition to news updates covering local, national, and worldwide news stories.
  • Lunchtime Show: A midday program that keeps listeners amused during their lunch break with music, entertainment news, and listener dedications.
  • Bond Talk: A talk show where professionals and analysts examine hot subjects, offer analysis, and have lively discussions with viewers about a range of socially relevant themes.
  • Drive Time: An afternoon drive-time program that keeps listeners entertained on the way home by including music, newsmaker and celebrity interviews, and conversations on hot-button issues.
  • Sports Arena
  • Evening Groove
  • Weekend Vibes


Frequency: 95.1 MHz

95.1 Hz Wazobia Lagos is a Pidgin English radio station situated in Lagos. It was established in 2007 and is owned by Globe Communications Limited. The humorous broadcasting style of Wazobia FM Lagos is well-known.

Mixing news, features, sports, world music, reggae, hip hop, highlife, and popular Nigerian music with discussion shows, current affairs, and interviews, the radio station airs a variety of programming.

It’s without a doubt one of the best radio stations in Lagos. Wazobia FM, Nigeria’s first pidgin radio station, is well-liked and listened to by a diverse range of people. It produces programming in Pidgin English that is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds.


  • Una Wake Up Show: A fun morning program that includes comedy, music, and thought-provoking conversations to get listeners going.
  • Oga Madam Office: This show offers witty yet perceptive criticism of relationships, societal challenges, and professional dynamics.
  • Kulele Zone: A music program that features the newest Nigerian singles in a variety of genres, providing fans with the sexiest tunes to keep them captivated.
  • Berekete Family Show: With Ahmad Isah as the host, this show tackles legal and social issues that impact Nigerians and offers listeners guidance and solutions.
  • Oga Madam Berekete: a business and entrepreneurship-focused program that included talks on financial literacy, interviews with successful business owners, and advice.
  • Evening Oyoyo: A calming evening program with uplifting tales, calming music, and good energy to end the day.
  • Wazobia Night Jollification: An entertainment news program, music, and interactive portions that keep viewers interested till the wee hours of the morning.
  • Owanbe Saturday: A celebration of Nigerian culture over the weekend that includes traditional dance, music, and talks about cultural legacy.
Radio Stations In Lagos
Wazobia FM| Radio Stations in Lagos


Frequency: 95.7 MHz

Lagos State University (LASU) in Nigeria is home to LASU FM, usually referred to as Radio LASU, a campus radio station. Its purpose was to provide the academic community and the wider public with a venue for the transmission of cultural, educational, and entertaining programming.

In addition to news, music, talk shows, interviews, and instructional material catered to the audience’s interests, the channel broadcasts a wide variety of programming. Promoting campus life, encouraging scholarly conversation, and giving the university community a voice are all important tasks that LASU FM undertakes. It broadcasts on 95.7 FM and is well-liked both inside and outside of the Lagos metropolitan area.


  • Morning Buzz: A morning program that includes a variety of music, news updates, weather predictions, and lively debates to get the day going.
  • Campus Gist: Covers news and events related to student activities, academic news, and campus life at Lagos State University (LASU).
  • LASU Sports Arena: Provides coverage of local and international sporting events as well as sports news, analysis, and match previews with an emphasis on LASU sports teams and athletes.
  • Educational Insight: Educators and industry experts discuss academic opportunities and challenges, offer career guidance, and address educational topics.
  • Community Connect
  • Entrepreneurial Insight
  • Evening Drive
  • Cultural Heritage 


Frequency: 97.3 MHz

Classic FM mixes the greatest Nigerian music of the past and present with all of your favourite classics from the 1970s, 1980s, 90s, and 2000s. 

Classic FM is one of the best radio stations in Lagos. There are discussions about many programmes related to sports, entertainment, health, education, and security on Classic. You can also use text messages, phone calls, and other methods to interact with presenters.


  • Breakfast Show: To start the day off on a pleasant note, this morning programme features classical music, listener dedications, and discussions on arts and culture.
  • Mid-Morning Masterpieces: This segment of the morning continues with a variety of classical masterpieces, conductor and musician interviews, and talks about the composers and history of classical music.
  • Afternoon Serenade: Offers a tranquil fusion of melodies, classical music, and relaxation techniques to assist listeners in de-stressing during the midday hours.
  • Evening Classics
  • Weekend Classics
  • Classical Conversations
  • Classical Requests


Frequency: 106.5 MHz

Faaji FM is among the well-known radio stations in Lagos. It is owned by Raymond Dokpesi’s communication company, Daar Communications. December 1, 2012, was the official start date of Faaji FM’s full broadcast, which was initiated by Kenny Ogungbe, Managing Director of radio services at Daar Communications. 


  • Morning Faaji: This is a morning program that includes interviews with local celebrities and artists, a variety of Yoruba music, and spirited discussions.
  • Faaji Talk: A talk program with special guests and listener call-ins that covers social issues, cultural subjects, and local news.
  • Faaji Mix: A music program featuring a fusion of Afrobeats, Highlife, Juju, and Fuji styles of modern Nigerian music.
  • Faaji Jolly: An afternoon show that entertains listeners during their lunch break with lively music, gossip about celebrities, and conversations about hot topics.
  • Faaji Fiesta
  • Faaji Praise
  • Faaji Night Jamz
  • Faaji Lounge


Frequency: 98.5 MHz

Soundcity Radio Network is the property of Alphavision Multimedia, a division of Consolidated Media Associates. The Lagos, Nigeria-based Soundcity Radio Network reaches a youthful audience all around the nation.

Soundcity Radio Network’s music quota gives preference to Nigerian musicians, with about 70% of the music including their work and the remaining 30% featuring that of other African and worldwide artists.

With the most well-liked modern music and entertainment, Soundcity Radio is regarded as the entertainment powerhouse for Nigerian youth.

The music industry is well-informed thanks to Soundcity Radio. This is a radio station that unites youthful listeners from all across Nigeria and broadcasts from Lagos, Nigeria, around the clock on 98.5 FM and online.


  • Morning Show: Get your morning going with a blend of music, entertainment news, celebrity interviews, and interactive features.
  • Midday Mix: To keep you moving throughout the midday hours, tune in to a blend of music from different genres, such as Afrobeats, Hip-hop, R&B, Dancehall, and more.
  • Drive Time: Enjoy a well-chosen selection of peppy songs, traffic reports, and lively conversations about hot subjects as you cruise through your evening commute.
  • Night Shift: After a long day, unwind in the evening with a variety of calming music, ambient sounds, and positive feelings.
  • Weekend Specials: Take advantage of exclusive program on the weekends, such as guest DJ sets, countdown shows, themed music marathons, and playlists curated by listeners.
  • Talk Shows
  • Music Charts
  • Live Events Coverage
Soundcity Radio Network Know Nigeria
Soundcity Radio Network| Radio Stations in Lagos

What is the most listened-to radio station in Lagos state 

Wazobia FM is undoubtedly the most listened-to radio station in Lagos, Nigeria. It is renowned for blending modern music with native Nigerian languages and appealing to a broad range of populations.

Lagos residents love the station for its dynamic and interesting content, which combines music, chat programmes, news, and entertainment. The reason for Wazobia FM’s success is its emphasis on regional culture and its capacity to connect with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.


Who brought radio transmission to Nigeria?

The British colonial authorities of the time brought radio transmission to Nigeria in 1932 as a test run for the BBC’s Empire Service. Relaying the BBC’s overseas service using wired systems equipped with loudspeakers was one of its primary responsibilities.

Who launched Radio Biafra?

The Republic of Biafra (government headed by MASSOB) launched Radio Biafra, commonly referred to as Voice of Biafra, as a radio station and brand in 1999. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is currently in charge of it.

Which radio station in Nigeria is the best?

Cool FM. Unquestionably, one of Nigeria’s best radio stations is Cool FM. This radio station specializes in music, entertainment, games, sports, national news, current affairs, interviews, and other enjoyable programming.

What frequency does Nigeria Info radio broadcast in Lagos?

99.3 MHz. With frequencies of 99.3 MHz in Lagos, 95.1 MHz in Abuja, and 92.3 MHz in Port Harcourt, Nigeria Info is a network of talk radio stations in Nigeria.


In conclusion, Lagos’s radio scene is vibrant and varied, providing a wide range of content to suit people’s preferences. Listeners can access a wide range of information, including news, discussion shows, entertainment, music, and cultural programming, over different frequencies.

Radio stations in Lagos are an essential part of the city’s entertainment, information, and social media landscape, whether listeners are keeping tabs on current events, appreciating the newest musical trends, or having stimulating conversations.

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